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10 Unique Staircase Designs For Your Home

Last modified: 2019/02/20 | Approximate reading time 6 mins

Smack dab in the middle of most two-story homes is a wall of stairs, there to take you swiftly from living room to bedroom, or from morning bathroom routine to the kitchen for coffee. Regardless of their use, your staircase should be the versatile centrepiece of your home and is definitely a way for you to play with your individual creativity and give any classic home an exciting or daring feature.

Here are 10 unique staircase designs to consider for your home renovation!

1) Shelving Staircase

The majority of homeowners would probably argue that they could use more space in their home. Here is one solution to that conundrum, and all it takes is utilizing the space you have available. Putting a shelving unit alongside or underneath your staircase is a unique way to add some extra storage in a small or congested home. 

Add a beautiful bookshelf that matches the design of the stairs, or create a compact staircase and add some classy shelves underneath to display plants or even a TV! If your staircase is next to the kitchen, consider using the shelves to hold pots, pans and other kitchenware you feel comfortable having on display.

2) Single-Stringer Staircase

The single-stringer staircase may appear played-out as a common feature in homes, but for good reason. This staircase gives the illusion of floating stairs but with a heavy-duty beam that lays underneath the individual pieces, making this option safe and sturdy. 

This type of staircase can be customized in a variety of ways, and homeowners can play with various material and landing options. The single-stringer staircase will add some luxury and value to even the most laidback of homes.

3) Floating Staircase

floating staircase

source: Flickr, danieleralte

This is the staircase for the practicing minimalist out there. Floating staircases have come into popularity over the last few years, and those who choose to incorporate this type of staircase into their home are generally elegant and stylish. The floating staircase is usually several individual pieces, but can sometimes be one single continuous piece of material that mimics the look of a floating ribbon. 

Floating staircases can come in a variety of materials, dependant on personal taste. A metal floating staircase offers an industrial touch to the modern home, while a wood floating staircase is a classic look that could go with any decor. Also, open treads allow natural light to filter, an important feature for some.

4) Suspended Staircase

Like the floating staircase, the suspended staircase is different from the traditional staircase in its appearance and execution. If you don't have a supporting wall, suspended staircases can be supported by thin cords that hang from the ceiling and offer it stability.

Using a tension system, the suspended staircase works with the same technology as a suspension bridge, creating an illusion of weightlessness even when using traditionally heavy materials. Generally, strong wires are implemented in each step, like a strong architectural work of art. Pushing the limits of art and design, adopting this type of staircase into your home will definitely turn heads and puzzle minds.

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5) Slide Staircase

If you've got little kiddies running around in the home, or you're looking to access your inner child as well as a quicker way to get to the main floor, why not try out a sliding staircase? Leave some room next to the stairs to build a slide that runs alongside, or wrap a custom-built slide around a pre-existing spiral staircase. Not only does it add an adorable element of originality to your home, but it's a fun way to get downstairs for both young and old.

6) Spiral Staircase

Spiral staircase

source: Wikimedia Commons

This is a classic in the realm of staircases, and most homeowners choose it due to strict space restrictions. A spiral staircase maximizes space. They have a small footprint because they build on top of themselves rather than extending outwards in length and width, allowing the homeowner to economize the amount of space in their home. 

A spiral staircase offers flexibility when choosing an access point and is very inexpensive to install while still adding to the value of a house. Materials and design are versatile and will vary in relation to individual taste, so depending on whether you're more classic or minimal, modern or rustic, you can pick and choose a combination that best suits you.

7) Super Compact Staircases

Again, if you're working with size restrictions, there are several staircase options that can fit into the tiniest of homes. Designing and installing a super compact staircase offers a narrower option than your traditional one. A parrot staircase, which employs alternating stair treads for you to step up with opposite feet, will benefit floorspace in smaller homes and apartments. Another option is to mimic a ladder. If the stairs have been built to enter a loft space, this is a great idea to maximize the potential of those lacking square feet.

8) Metal Staircase

Using a thin, all metal, wire-like staircase may not be the most practical option, but it is definitely eye-catching and space saving. Although not comfortable to walk on, it's a choice that is both economical and original. If you are into home decor trends, then you are likely aware of the wire geometry trend, adding character and energy to dull spaces.

9) Self-Illuminating Staircase

self-illuminating staircase

source: Flickr, alaskapublicmedia

The self-illuminating staircase has emerged from the woodwork over the last few years and is a quirky option for anyone who wants a little bit more light in their life. This type of staircase uses motion sensors to light up sequentially when someone is walking up or down the stairs. If your current staircase is looking for a modern update, or your home is lacking in natural light, this is a viable choice and would prove to be beneficial.

If you don't want to move forward with installing lights underneath each step, aluminum sheets coated with luminescent materials can also be purchased and attached as a simple DIY job. An added bonus is that these require no external power source or maintenance. 

10) Interactive Sculpture staircase

If you've got the budget for it and are looking for a more extravagant option, it would be worth getting a staircase that works as an interactive sculpture. This option is not for the faint at heart, as a more conceptual staircase may not include handrails, and could thus take a lot of core strength for climbing.

Turn ordinary wood into a fluid sculpture, use plexiglass to create a futuristic design, or turn marble slabs into steps, playing with materials in unexpected ways. Going for an ultra-modern artwork as the staircase in your home may make you the envy of your friends, and add a point of interest if you ever plan on selling.

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