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7 Renovation Projects That Should Always be Left to Professionals

Last modified: 2018/03/15 | 3 mins

When starting a home renovation project, some people decide that they want to do a few things by themselves to save money or just for fun. However, certain projects require expertise and knowledge.

Here are seven types of renovation projects that should be left to professionals.


If only a few shingles or tiles need to be changed, you could definitely do the job yourself. However, if the problem reaches a bigger scale, you have to call an expert . First of all, they know all about the proper installation techniques and the way to work with different roofing materials (asphalt shingles, steel, etc.)  They also know how to work safely, therefore lowering the risks of falls whilst increasing the chances that the final result will satisfy your expectations.


Although it may look easy to layer stones or bricks to build a wall, masonry requires the expertise of professional masons to ensure a perfect, durable, and solid brick or stone alignment. Masons will help you choose the material (bricks, concrete, stone, etc.) and will install them properly. Self-made masonry work often results in unaligned bricks, perpendicular walls, etc. Therefore, always work with a mason to avoid these mistakes.


Changing a light bulb doesn’t require an electrician, but installing the light fixture does. Whatever your renovation project may be, if during any step, electrical wires need to be manipulated, working with an electrician is mandatory. They know all the electrical norms that are currently in effect in your area and can safely manipulate dangerous electrical components.

A licensed electrician will also know how to optimize the electrical network to prevent sudden power surges. Without their expertise, you may damage your electrical network and even risk electrocution.


A plumber is an expert of pipes. Thanks to the knowledge they have garnered over the years, they are able to optimize your plumbing network and can work on complicated renovation projects, such as moving a bathroom or installing a hot tub in the middle of a master bedroom.

Although certain plumbing projects can be DIYed (like installing a new shower in the same place as the old one), it is always recommended to call a plumber to prevent mistakes. If your renovation project requires moving pipes, working with a plumber is mandatory.

Wall demolition

Although it may be very tempting, try not to knock down a wall by yourself: it could be a load bearing wall! Since the whole house's structure is supported by those walls, it is extremely important to keep them up or to replace them with something else that can fill the same task (columns or pillars). 

Load bearing walls are quite hard to identify, even with an architectural plan. Therefore, they should only be properly identified and removed by professional contractors.  If the wall you want to tear down is not a load bearing wall, you’ll be able to demolish it yourself; otherwise, you’ll need a general contractor.

Doors and windows

It may seem easy to install doors and windows but this task can actually be quite difficult. If the job is poorly done, you may end up with a improperly sealed doors and windows that will allow air and water to enter your house. As a consequence, your house will be less comfortable and your energy bills will skyrocket!

Therefore, don’t  risk doing it yourself: always work with door and window experts. Although it may be more expensive, at least you’ll have a perfect result and you'll save money in the long run.

Expensive materials

If you ordered marble from Italy for your bathroom, or spent a fortune for your quartz kitchen countertop, what a waste it would be to damage them by trying to install them yourself! When you invest a lot of money on materials, the best thing you could do is to let professionals deal with them. Since rookie mistakes could cost you a lot, it is not worth taking the risk to do it yourself.

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