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2021: Decor Trends for the Bedroom

Last modified: 2022-07-25 | Approximate reading time 4 mins

Moving into the first month of the year, we’re looking at our interiors with a new and critical eye. As a result of the pandemic, many have had to restructure their lives to comply with restrictions, and are thus spending a significant amount of time in their interior spaces.

If we’re looking at things from a positive perspective, this can offer a chance to put more care and attention into the rooms of our home; maybe now is the time to finally take on that home decor project you’ve been putting off?

When we envision a cozy, warm and welcoming interior space, there’s nowhere quite like the bedroom. If you’ve outgrown your current bedroom, or are just looking for some inspiration to help propel you in a fresh and fun direction, then continue reading on for the bedroom decor trends of 2021.

2021: decor trends for the bedroom

Natural materials

Bringing the outdoors in has never had such an important impact, and 2020 saw a serious rise in using natural materials in the interior. This trend continues into 2021, and incorporating organic and natural elements into the bedroom decor may even offer healing properties. Consider natural fibres like cotton and linen, such as an organic cotton bedspread or curtains. Rattan is another material that has been gaining popularity, and a rattan lamp or area rug will allow for a subtle and distinguished softness. 

Of course, incorporating plants into our home decor is another avenue to connect with nature. Not to mention, plants work to filter the air in our home, an important note for those spending a lot of time inside. An indoor tree is a bold choice for the bedroom, but one that can work as a stunning focal point. For flooring, natural options like cork or bamboo are comfortable to the touch. Hardwood is a timeless and distinguished option that homeowners continue to adopt, and it never really goes out of style.

bedroom natural materials

photo: planete-deco

Embrace bold colours

Many may fear the bright, bold colours, but this year we’re going to see it embraced on the home decor front. Moving away from muted tones and colours like grey and beige, and instead towards darker or lighters tones that pop. Lush, deep and dark green is coming in hot for 2021, and for the bedroom, you may consider this colour for an accent wall or even a bedspread. A rich blue ottoman, throw pillow or blanket can stand in for a full-on paint job. When incorporating colour, find ways to be creative. 

Another major design trend that’s informed by current fashion is tone on tone. This means pairing different tones of the same colour together. The subtle differences create a lulling effect, perfect for the bedroom. You may consider working with various shades and tones of yellow or if you’re feeling bold, orange.

photo: project nursery


Much in line with natural materials and trends from 2020, working with and purchasing sustainable materials and objects is very much in vogue for 2021. Upcycling furniture has seen a rise, with places like Marketplace where many flock to buy used wares for the interior. Now, loads of brands are getting into upcycling, using leftover or recycled materials to create new works. 

Minimalist decor is another trend that doesn’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon, and this places well into sustainable practices with the motto “less is more.” Consider the essential pieces of your bedroom, and strip away everything that isn’t necessary. Keep the pieces with purpose and make sure they tie into everything else in the room.

bedroom minimal

photo: unearmoirepourdeux


Who would have thought that one of the strongest trends from the past would make its way back into the present? Wallpaper continues to trend in 2021, with maximalist styles being at the forefront. This is an excellent option for bedroom apartments, as there are plenty of peel-and-stick kinds on the market. Consider donning an accent wall in a print inspired by your favourite era, or a kooky child-like print for those looking for a little bit of fun and excitement. 

Floral wallpaper doesn’t have to be gaudy or drab, and in fact, it’s making a major comeback. Think soft grasses, delicate petals and muted tones rather than your grandmother's old sweater. Mix floral wallpaper with minimalist or modern bedroom decor and you’ve got yourself a look to bring through to next year.

wallpaper bedroom

photo: Anewall Decor

Multi-functional furniture

Another trendy item, especially for those living in small spaces or apartments, multifunctional furniture is all the rage. Not to mention there’s been a serious uptick in those working from home, and thus, many need more space than their interior allows. If you’ve had to turn a part of your bedroom into a home office, you may consider installing a sit-stand desk, or even a murphy bed. Both options will allow for movement and room while trying to get day time tasks complete before nightfall and sleep. 

A floating desk is another beautiful feature, which can be folded into the wall following office hours. Many floating desks have a storage element so you can make sure things are neat, tidy and tucked away. If you’re looking to add a pop of colour plus some storage to the bedroom, you may consider an ottoman or footstool which opens to reveal extra blankets and pillows, cases; chic and cozy!

bedroom vanity

photo: homary

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