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5 ideas to optimize the space in your bathroom


5 min read

5 ideas to optimize the space in your bathroom

Bathroom5 ideas to optimize the space in your bathroom

In Canada, bathrooms tend not to be very spacious, yet this part of the home is first and foremost meant to be a place of relaxation where occupants should be made to feel comfortable. By optimizing the layout of your bathroom, you can enjoy a more refined space, especially by focusing on storage furniture. Home furnishing stores are full of ideas of any kind to allow you to optimize every inch of the room. There is something for everyone and all budgets!

Looking to maximize the layout of your bathroom? Here are 5 simple ideas to make better use of your space thanks to adapted storage solutions.

How to maximize the space in your bathroom

1. Integrating storage furniture in and around your sink

Source: Canva

To optimize the way the bathroom is set up, there is nothing better than a storage cabinet below and/or above your sink. Convenient for storing towels, toiletries and other items, this type of storage can take the form of shelves, cupboards, drawers or even baskets.

Vanities are marketed in different designs and materials and include plenty of storage space. You should know that wood is the material of choice for vanities because it is resistant and gives off a warm vibe. In case you intend to keep your current sink, a cabinetmaker could certainly design for your bathroom storage custom-made to incorporate this element.

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2. Opting for furniture that can be installed at heights to gain space

Thinking about adding cabinets or shelves to furnish your bathroom? Be sure to prioritize furniture that can be installed at heights or that will be as tall as the ceiling to gain space. For this type of furniture, the quality of the materials and build will be of crucial importance, as a piece of furniture that is installed higher up on a wall must have a good balance, most of all when exposed to daily use.

Focus on items that are sturdy, stable and not prone to falling over. This is even more important if you have kids! In that regard, you should think about securing your furniture to the wall to avoid the risk of these items tumbling as you reach for a product.

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3. Gaining more space by removing the shower curtain or door

Have you noticed how difficult it can be to clean a shower door because of the limescale that accumulates on its surfaces? If you want to get rid of this cleaning chore, in addition to maximizing the space of your bathroom, a good solution would be to remove the doors of your shower. Yes, you read that right! If done properly, this can be a great option for making the area look and feel more spacious.

Most showers are made in such a way that the water cannot spray outside, even if no actual door is installed. Of course, to avoid flooding, be sure to test things out before removing the door altogether. Once the door has been taken down, take the time to perform finishing work to secure the edges and do not leave any sharp or blunt element that could lead to injuries. Install a rod and a shower curtain that can be pulled away when not in use and you are all set! You will quickly notice that your bathroom looks much more spacious than it was!

Source: Canva

4. Making use of the walls over your bathtub

Have you noticed how the walls over bathtubs are seldom used to their full potential? Yet, they represent a considerable surface area that can be very useful. Shallow, water-resistant shelves are perfect for placing scented candles, hygiene and cleaning products or your child's bath toys right above the tub. Although there is no constraint on the width of these shelves, be careful not to overload the wall so as not to clutter it. Another fun idea would eventually be to install a frame with a beautiful work of art in this area, which would serve to maximize your well-being.

Source: Canva

5. Optimizing the space using natural and artificial light

If you are lucky to have a bathroom that receives a lot of natural light, the room will be bright and will appear more spacious. Do you feel that there aren’t enough windows in your bathroom? Is there a possibility to install a new window? Why not take this opportunity to add more natural light inside your bathroom? Nowadays, window models that are available on the market are highly waterproof and do not let in the cold come wintertime. This will help you enjoy a lovely bright bathroom, without sacrificing your comfort!

Another solution would be to focus on artificial lighting by investing in light fixtures that are adapted to bathrooms. Do you think that multiplying the sources of artificial light in this room will inevitably increase your energy bill? This is not necessarily the case.

Nowadays, you can buy low consumption light bulbs which allow you to brighten up your home without blowing up your electricity budget. Make sure to install the lamps in strategic areas, such as at the top and around the mirror, above the bathtub, in the middle of the room, etc.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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