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10 Home Decor and Renovation Articles to Check Out- August 2020

10 Home Decor and Renovation Articles to Check Out- August 2020

Green renovation10 Home Decor and Renovation Articles to Check Out- August 2020

As August comes to an end, it’s time for us once again to get busy and dig through the internet in search of the best articles on interior design, decor and renovation written this past month!

If you’ve stayed with us in the past few months, you know that this is our 4th article in this new series on the blog and that, just like our team, you probably love everything decor and design-related. This is why each month, we will be on the lookout for some good reading material to keep you entertained for the rest of the year!

August 2020: 10 Home Decor and Renovation Articles to Check Out

1. Exploring why design fanatics are obsessed with vintage Ikea designs

I won’t lie to you: I'm one of those obsessed vintage Ikea fanatics. There is something fascinating with mid-century and post-modern furniture and how vintage furniture lovers have preserved and reupholstered certain pieces to share their passion with others. 

Ikea is a paradise for affordable decor and to see these old models makes us wish they would come back!

Read more of the article here.


Source: GQ

2. Montreal architecture firm designs a barn to help with cows' morale    

To help cheer up workers and animals alike, La Shed Architecture invented this translucent barn that blends perfectly into its surroundings, using materials usually found on farms.

Read more of the article here.


Source: Dezeen

3. Inside the world of designer Elizabeth Garouste

Always fascinated with furniture as a little girl, Garouste grew up to design some of her own. What is interesting with her pieces is how she uses different techniques and materials often in one single design, creating a personal story for each of them. 

Peek inside her world and her home and get to know more about what makes Elizabeth Garouste different!

Read more of the article here.


Source: NY Times

4. Bright and sunny yellow is the new craze for kitchens

There is something captivating with certain shades of yellow that make any decor instantly joyful and alive. Without engaging in shades that are too bright and loud, there is a way of creating a decor worthy of magazines in your kitchen! 

Read more of the article here.


Source: Remodelista

5. How to achieve the perfect soothing home interior

Get inspired by this beautiful 1970s ranch house turned into the perfect staycation spot by interior designer Robert McKinley. By using a decor that is fresh, airy and mostly all white, McKinley achieves a comfortable and soothing decor. 

See what other tricks he has to give you to create your perfect home decor by reading the full article here.


Source: Curbed

6. This Brazilian modernist city celebrates its 60th birthday

Built from scratch over the span of about 5 years, Brasília is now the fourth largest city in Brazil, in addition to being a real attraction to architecture lovers. Architectural Digest takes you on this virtual trip through the history of this modernist gem and the controversies surrounding it.   

Read more of the article here.


Source: Architectural Digest

7. Peek inside this textile designer’s house and studio

While people were waiting for her very anticipated book release, Elle Decor interviewed textile designer Nathalie Farman-Farma, whose style depicts a mix of colours and patterns on top of each other.  Her home and studio is truly a dream for lovers of eclectic styling, full of colours and style.

Read more of the article here.


Source: ELLE Decor

8. ADUs, the possible future of housing

What is this term, you ask? ADU stands for “accessory dwelling units”. They are described as any kind of detached living spaces sharing the lot of a family home, resembling a shed or a guest house, as long as it can fully function on its own as a living space. 

With many cities facing a housing crisis with rents being at an all-time high, these small units could be a smart solution to prevent homelessness and create more space for any homeowner.

Read more of the article here.


Source: Architectural Digest

9. A self-sufficient home project for a biophilic future

We’ve mentioned biophilic design before in prior articles. The way this style incorporates nature and human interaction so harmoniously is one of the things people from big cities love about it. 

Over the years, the dream of an organic and eco-conscious future has been the center of discussions among many and this project, a hive inspired housing complex, is just what we’d love to see.

Read more about the project here.


Source: Inhabitat

Here are our best home decor and renovation articles for the month

If this wasn't enough for you, we also have more from our home renovation blog for you to read! Here are some of the good ones we published in August for you to get inspired.

Reno Inspiration: 10 Examples of Practical Interior Storage Spaces

This topic is often brought up, especially this year, after many of us spent the past few months indoors. This long quarantine period helped shed the light on crowded spaces and how decluttering your home is important for you to feel comfortable in your space.

Read the full article here.

Interior storage space

10 Examples of Dining Rooms and Breakfast Nooks

I have always dreamt of having my comfortable breakfast nook, next to a large window from which the sun pours right through, illuminating the room. If you share this fantasy with me, this article is also for you!

Read the full article here.  

Dining room

And if you haven’t read our last edition for July 2020, you can go ahead and click here!

See you next month!

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