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5 tips to improve your bathroom lighting

Last modified: 2021-10-26 | Approximate reading time 4 mins

Whether going to work in the morning or finishing your day with a quick wash of your face, you might not realize how much time we spend in our bathrooms. When it comes to the lighting, many homeowners may ignore their bathroom, thinking this small space isn’t as important as others. If you identify as one of these homeowners, chances are you may need to reconsider the lighting in your bathroom.

Especially since the bathroom is becoming a place of tranquillity and relaxation, you’ll want to make sure that it’s lit in a way which highlights your best features as well as those of the room. So, if you’re looking to improve your bathroom lighting, we’ve got all the relevant information below.

5 tips to improve your bathroom lighting

1- Task lighting


source: unsplash

Regardless of the room, a good lighting plan involves several layers. For the bathroom specifically, task lighting is one of the key features. This is because plenty of small jobs happen in the bathroom, and ample light is needed. For example, consider adding lamps in and around the mirror for shaving and applying makeup, or beside the shower and tub for entering and exiting these slippery spaces.

If you have a vanity in your bathroom, these fixtures should be carefully considered, as this is the space which will illuminate your head and face. All too often, the placement of these lights is situated directly above the mirror. However, this lighting placement casts shadows directly on the face, making makeup application, shaving or even brushing teeth an awkward experience.

For this reason, consider vertical fixtures or sconces mounted on either side of the mirror, as this is the best method for casting light evenly across the face and upper body. Depending on the size of your vanity, side lighting can be impractical. In this case, you can place a fixture over the mirror. Make sure it is wide enough to wash light evenly over the faces of your loved ones.

For other areas of the bathroom, place task lighting around or close to the shower or bathtub. Consider recessed lighting, as bathrooms are generally small and therefore, room is limited.

2- Ambient lighting

Indirect or ambient lighting is the type of lighting that will offer your bathroom a soft and warm feeling, aiding in the tranquillity you may be trying to cultivate. This is especially true if you are looking for the gentle glow that you might find at a spa or yoga studio, ambient lighting is the way to go. Wall lightings or recessed LEDs underneath the vanity or bathtub offer an alternative to natural light.

In regards to ambient lighting, be creative! Since this style of light is generally recessed or hidden altogether, the fixture itself or the style of bulb could easily be outside the ordinary. Cove lighting is an excellent option for the bathroom, and this is rope lights which are hidden behind a moulding that has been dropped several inches below the height of your ceiling. Cove lighting adds a warmth and depth to the room, so if this is what you’re looking for then we’d suggest checking it out.

3- Skylights and natural light

natural light

source: unsplash

To be honest, nothing compares to natural lighting. Although natural lighting will not affect your nighttime routine, it is still good to consider ways in which you can structure your bathroom for ideal natural lighting conditions. If you’re completely redesigning your bathroom and have the ability, we suggest a large window to add lots of natural light. If you’re worried about privacy consider using frosted glass for that extra element.

If a window isn’t a possibility in your home, due to where you’re situated, have you considered a skylight? Not only will a skylight offer natural light into the room, they are an energy-efficient option for the homeowner who might be environmentally concerned.

4- Bulbs and dimmers

You may not realize, but bulbs pay a major role in the appearance of your bathroom. This is especially true regarding the colour of the bulb itself. For example, a crisp, white bulb will render skin tones accurately, whereas halogen bulbs have more of a gold tone. Smaller bulbs give off a sparkly and concentrated effect and larger bulbs.

Dimmers are another great option for a bathroom, especially because they offer complete control over the lighting of your bathroom. Having the ability to dim specific fixtures combines both ambient and accent lighting into one. On top of this, dimmers are an excellent way to save energy and in turn, time and money.

5- Work with a lighting professional


source: unsplash

Aesthetics aside, if you don’t actually know what you’re doing when it comes to installing new lighting in your bathroom, then you should consider working with a professional. By law, in some provinces, the installation of electricity cannot be done by anyone aside from a professional. This is especially true in a bathroom, with such a close proximity to water pipes and the risk of electrocution.

Not only is the risk involved one of the reasons to work with a professional, but in fact working with a lighting expert can offer you some insight into the perfect locations for the lights you’ve chosen as well as advice on the style and amount of light each will emit.

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