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Renovation tips

5 min read

Current trends in home decor | Renovation Quotes

Renovation tips

5 min read

Current trends in home decor | Renovation Quotes

Renovation tipsCurrent trends in home decor | Renovation Quotes

Regardless of the time of year, it’s always interesting to make note of current decoration and design trends. Maybe you’re looking for a fun summer makeover project, or you’re just curious about what’s hot in the realm of home décor!

As we saw last year, it was all about Scandinavian-styled homes and intricate wall coverings. The design forecast for 2019-2020 has more versatility while remaining beautiful and functional.

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of all the current decor trends, offering some easy pointers about how to mimic this style. The list combines all that is chic, creative and inspiring without requiring a complete home renovation. So, if you’re in the mood for a mini-makeover, look no further! We’ve got plenty of inspiration for you to follow.

Here are the current home decor trends!

Trendy paint colours for the home



source: Pixabay

If you aren’t already familiar with this subdued wine tone, you will be soon enough. As Pantone's colour of 2015, Marsala is still being widely used, and because of its versatility, it can be mixed with a variety of tones and colours. It has a warmth that works alongside almost any style of home décor. This colour is refined like a rich glass of wine and should be treated similarly. Don’t overdo it, but do incorporate it as an accent to pump up more neutral rooms.

Jewel Tones

Think vibrant but elegant, jewel tones are delicate colours that can be used for an accent wall or some throw pillows. Mix and match them with a rich grey wall or a pattern of choice that works to complement these colours perfectly. Of course, you don’t have to don every single room in jewel tones, so consider reserving them for the bedroom or bathroom alone.

Muted & Modern Pastels

Muted hues including soft pinks, powder blues and lavender purples are making a comeback without looking overly childish. Mix multiple pastels almost anywhere in any room, incorporating these colours out on furniture, accents or even artwork. Pair muted pastels alongside single coloured walls and you’re all set to impress your friends with your modern tastes and ability to experiment with the unconventional. 

Gray bedroom with yellow white and gray bedcover

Photo: MaxPixel

Gray and Green

Although simply reading about these colour may intimidate you, strong greys and greens are being used more and more frequently as wall colours and throughout the home. Grey was popular last year and doesn't seem to be going anywhere, and green is making its way into homes big and small. 

When thinking dark greens or greys, try choosing those with warm tones, with red or yellow undertones. Of course, painting your walls in one of these dark colours means you’ll need to use light and fresh accents. Think plenty of flowers and plants as well as soft fabrics and furniture. Consider a little terrarium as a beautiful addition to a room with dark green or grey walls.

Types of prints to use in your home

Geometric Prints

Geometric prints are almost always in style! Quatrefoil is a print that’s widely popular right now, especially because of how easy it is to mix and match with other geometric patterns. Resembling a clover, Quatrefoil works with both modern and traditional styles. Adding a playful elegance to spaces that might feel a little bit drab. If Quatrefoil isn’t your thing, try a statement rug in another fun geometric pattern like a symmetrical-tribal print, which is very in fashion at the moment.

Tropical print wallpaper

Photo: MaxPixel

Tropical Prints

As an ode to this year’s hottest print, interior designers have taken notice and have begun to experiment with tropical motifs. This print can be used as a wallpaper or on fabrics of various sorts around the home, including bedspreads or curtains. However, this might be a bit too in-your-face for some. If that’s the case but you’re still interested in trying the look, buy a couple throw pillows and see how it fares!

Wide Stripes

Strips are always “in.” However, this season a very specific kind of stripe is in style, and that’s the wide stripe. Stripes might feel a bit nautical, but wide stripes can be a counterbalance in more laid-back rooms or alongside cottage-casual décor. A single wall painted with wide-stripes is another option. Of course, this won’t work with all décor styles but can be incorporated into most spaces as curtains, rugs or upholstery. 

On-trend home decor materials for 2019-2020

Copper and bronze

source: Flickr

Metallic trends of all sorts are in this year, but copper and bronze are among the top two metals being used to add a bit of industrial appeal to bedrooms and dens alike. These warm metals should be soft, so avoid those with a full-on shine and go for something with a classic feel.

Often, you can find copper or bronze-plated accent pieces vintage, so consider using part of your weekend to scan local flea markets and garage sales. If you’re out of luck on the scavenging end, then consider visiting your local retailer. They’ll carry a less authentic, mock-up copper or bronze piece. 

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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