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10 Interior Sliding Door Models

Last modified: 2023-03-17 | Approximate reading time 4 mins

Sliding doors are no longer only used in commercial environments! They have practical and aesthetic qualities that can be integrated into a residential layout. They are especially useful in small homes, where every inch counts, but they are also used in large homes to create spaces that can be opened or partitioned as needed.

Thinking about installing a sliding door in your home, but first, do you need ideas for designs and installation methods? We've rounded up 10 sliding door examples that we found on Pinterest.


10 Sliding Door Models: From Barn Doors to Glass Doors


1- A triple sliding door made with wooden slats

Wooden slat sliding door

Source: Revista Casa Jardim

We start with an example of an especially unique sliding door. This type of door will not be used to create privacy but will be very interesting to create divisions between the different sections of a room. For example, we see here that the doors, made with wooden slats, are used to isolate a laundry room space.

This is a great choice if you want to add visual interest to the room and reduce the feeling of shrinking the room when closing the door.

Needs to be custom-made


2- A light wood sliding barn door with black hardware

Light wood sliding door

Source: Walston Door Company

This is a barn door model for lovers of contemporary decor and Scandinavian style. We associate sliding doors in the "barn door" style with rustic decor, but we see here how diverse these models can be. This pale wood door creates a nice transition between rooms while serving as a very interesting decorative element.

Similar model: Wayfair

Wood sliding door


3- A double sliding glass door with a black frame

Glass sliding door

Source: Doors and floors

Would you like to be able to divide your spaces without compromising the light between the rooms? Why not opt ​​for sliding glass doors? These doors blend perfectly with the decor and they also slide inside the wall, so they take up less space than barn doors.

Needs to be custom-made 


4- A raw-looking wood sliding door

raw wood sliding door

Source: Krownlab

Do you really like the style of rustic decor where pieces of raw wood are integrated? Here is a sliding door that you should like! Instead of transforming the wood to create a door with a smooth and uniform style, we instead celebrate the imperfections of this material, going so far as to highlight them. This creates a rich look that is not ready to go out of style!

Similar model: Etsy

raw wood sliding door


5- A black sliding door with a lined pattern

Black sliding door

Source: Etsy

Here is a sliding door for those looking to create an interesting visual "punch" in a room. Not only is the door black, but there are also diagonal lines that create an interesting texture. This door will be well suited to contemporary, eclectic or Scandinavian decor.

Exact model: Etsy

Black sliding door


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6- A blue "shaker" style double sliding door

Double blue sliding door

Source: The Learner Observer

Most of the sliding door models available on the market are single doors. Here, the owners instead opted for two slim doors which were painted blue. This is more classic, less raw and rustic than other, more typical, sliding doors. Also, notice the wood that hides the rails. If you don't like the look with the rails visible, you can find options to hide them!

Similar model (to be painted): Home Depot

Wood sliding dor


7- A white pocket door

Porte coulissante blanche intérieur murs

Source: Laurel Bern Interiors

Here is a very classic door structure, with straight mouldings, but adorned with beautiful architectural details. The difference is that instead of having doors that open outwards, they are sliding doors that hide inside the walls.

To be custom-made


8- A minimalist sliding door that blends in with the decor

minimalist sliding door

Source: Etsy

Here is one of the most modern sliding door models! If you like minimalist decor, why not opt ​​for a door that blends in with the rest of the decor? This door is made from the same material as the decorative panels installed on the wall. When the door is closed, you hardly notice its presence.

Exact model: Etsy

Minimalist sliding door


9- A sliding door with a metal surface for an industrial look

Aluminium sliding door

Source: Trendland

If you like "industrial loft" type decors, here is a door you should like. You could find a piece of recycled metal to build a similar door or buy a wooden door and cover it with a thin metal surface, depending on your preference and budget.

To be custom-made


10- A bright yellow sliding door to add a punch of colour in a neutral setting

yellow sliding door

Source: Dimitra Gaitani

Finally, here is a sliding door that will not go unnoticed! If you like bright shades, do not hesitate to choose a colourful door. This is a great way to create a visual focal point in a room. As you notice, the rest of the decor in this space is pretty neutral, but this door would suit an even more colourful environment very well!

Buy a basic sliding door and paint it yellow

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