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Roof Renovation Guide

Last modified: 2022-11-28 | Approximate reading time 3 mins

Léa Plourde-Archer

The roof is an element of the home that requires special attention. Roof renovation projects can vary drastically in price and span, from weatherproofing to a complete reconstruction. The budget that is allotted for these projects can be minimal, but it may also reach several tens of thousands of dollars. 

Since we have several articles about roof renovation projects on our blog, we have decided to gather and categorize these articles so that you can find the information you are looking for more easily.

Toiture en bardeau

Roofing materials in general (prices and characteristics)

Roof covering materials serve to protect the structure and to weatherproof this part of the house. Therefore, its role is very important, hence the fact that choosing the right material is fundamental. Learn more about the average prices and characteristics of the most popular roofing materials in Canada: 

Toits plats avec terrasses et jardins

Flat Roofs

Common in cities or on commercial buildings, flat roofs can be covered using a variety of materials, from roofing asphalt to TPO and EPDM membranes. Learn more about these materials as well as the general characteristics of flat roofs: 

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Metal roofing

Metal roofs are known for their durability. Available in several materials such as sheet metal and steel, they are very popular in certain countries. Some metal roof coverings last more than 50 years, which makes it a good option. As a matter of fact, even though this type of roof is often more expensive initially, its durability makes it so that in the long run, it becomes more cost-effective.

panneaux solaires

Solar panels

Although they cannot be considered as roofing materials, solar panels are often installed directly on top of them, hence the relevance of including these articles in the guide: 

Building a rooftop terrace

It is more and more common, especially in the city, to see people using their flat roof by building a terrace with a garden, a pool, a barbecue and much more! Before starting on this type of project, it is very important that you be well-informed about this subject. The following articles serve as guides for setting up a rooftop terrace: 

Maintenance and renovation techniques for roofs 

Maintenance is one of the essential steps in making sure that the roof remains in good shape for as long as possible. By setting up a regular maintenance schedule, we can avoid damage and prevent potential problems such as water infiltrations. 

Of course, in many cases, renovations will have to be completed. The following articles talk about roof maintenance and renovations: 

Intérieur d'un grenier

Attic and insulation 

When addressing the subject of roofs, it is equally important to talk about the parts that are inside and outside of the structure. The attic is directly connected to the roof and the way that it is set up and insulated will have a direct impact on it; 

Descente de gouttière

Gutters, cornices and soffits

Gutters, cornices and soffits are all in some way connected to the roof. Each of these elements works together to protect and weatherproof the home. Here are a few articles on this subject: 

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