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Our Pro Tips to Successfully Design Your Pool Deck

Our Pro Tips to Successfully Design Your Pool Deck

Exterior renovationsOur Pro Tips to Successfully Design Your Pool Deck

Buying an above-ground pool means enjoying the best of what the summer season has to offer, and that, on a daily basis. Although such an installation has many advantages, it may seem challenging at first to set up and blend in with your current landscape. However, with a little planning and the right material selection, you can create a design that'll complement your overall décor. As such, your pool is sure to please all generations for years to come.

The first step towards achieving this vision is to build the actual pool deck. A deck isn't only practical and safe, but it's also an extension of the house, just like patios, porches, and balconies.

Here are some pro tips and ideas to make the most of it.

Advantages of Wood When Designing a Pool Deck

pool deck

Source: Canva

When it comes to choosing pool decking, the first thing to look for is a water-resistant surface. Other features to look for are durability and structural strength. Given its intended use, it's also critical that the materials are foot-friendly, non-slip, and won't overheat in the sun.

Wood is an excellent material to build a swimming pool deck. It's by far the material that has the most balanced combination of aesthetics, comfort, durability, and manageability. It's natural and warm, fits in with all architectural styles, and has a unique landscaping appeal.

Pressure-treated wood or essences that are humidity-resistant—choose a product that’s both rot-proof and adapted to outdoor use. Our personal favourite: teak since it has an exotic feel to it!

How to Build an Above-Ground Pool Deck

pool deck

Source: Canva

When building a pool deck, careful planning is a must. While a small platform with steps is all you really need to access a pool, designing a more elaborate, but most importantly, well-thought-out layout, will allow you to fully enjoy the pool, as well as the entire backyard.

Beyond its utilitarian factor, think big, consider all possibilities, and then dive right in!

Think outside the box!

When thinking of an above-ground pool deck, one usually pictures a structure surrounding the whole of the pool or simply a section of it. Beyond that, it can feature different levels, it can bridge the gap between the pool and the house, have a seating area or flower boxes, etc. A pool deck is also a convenient excuse to alter backyard lighting and build a privacy screen, or a pergola where you can hang curtains or veils much like a resort.

Take advantage of your new structural element to customize it!

Pool Deck Building Steps

Here’s a step-by-step guide to building a standard deck that’ll surround the entirety of your above-ground pool so you can benefit from a beautiful outdoor living space. 

Plan your project

Measure the pool’s diameter and determine the dimensions of the deck. If your deck also doubles as a backyard patio, you may need to fence off the pool to meet municipal and government safety standards.

Make sure the deck has enough room to easily walk on it without fear of falling into the water. Keep in mind that your deck will come in handy when you're doing any sort of pool maintenance. Make sure you have enough room to get around!

  • Inquire as to the current standards;

  • Shop around for plans;

  • Request a permit from your municipality;

  • Choose the pool decking.


Build the structure

  • Drive stakes into the ground and run a string from one stake to the other to determine the deck’s exterior perimeter.

  • Build the foundation and install the treated wood posts around the pool. These will serve as the deck’s frame. Use a level and a carpenter’s square to correctly position the posts. 

  • Inside the deck’s frame, fit joists hangers every 40 cm (16 in). 

  • Affix the treated wood joists perpendicularly to the hangers.

  • Install the braces diagonally to connect the interior stakes to the exterior ones. 


Install the decking

  • Install the decking while ensuring there’s about a 1 cm clearance between the decking and the pool to account for a possible expansion. 

  • With a spacer, make sure the boards are equally spaced out to allow the water the drain and the wood to expand. 

  • With a circular saw, cut the end of any too-long boards to even them out.


Build the steps and guardrails

  • Install guardrails according to construction standards.

  • Build the steps. You can use prefabricated stringers, which are sold in hardware stores. Make sure they’re positioned on the cinder blocks. That way, they’ll be protected against the moisture from the ground and won’t rot prematurely.

  • For safety reasons, the steps leading to the deck must be equipped with a door and locking mechanism.

For more information regarding a swimming pool installation, click here.

Our Top Ideas for Extra Privacy on Your Pool Deck

pool deck

Source: Canva

And there you have it! You can now really enjoy your pool! Are you already picturing yourself sunbathing on your deck? Even if you love your neighbours, it’s highly likely that you’d rather enjoy your backyard in total privacy. If the case may be, here are a few simple ideas that’ll allow you to fully (and in a mere instant) benefit from your outdoor space. 

Build a Fence or Privacy Screen 

These installations prevent onlookers from peering into your backyard and allow you to enjoy this oasis in complete peace and tranquillity. Planks, trellises, or even louver fences are great options. They can easily match the décor or be draped with climbing plants for a trendy green wall effect. Various types of vines grow quickly, but for floral options, try climbing hydrangeas, clematis, honeysuckles, or climbing roses.

Pro tip: Install a fence yourself in no time with HOFT products. This brand of beautiful fences comes with a variety of accessories like planters, hooks, and shelves. We also really like Barrette Outdoor Living fences that combine metal posts with wood panels for a sleek look.

Set Up a Pergola

pool deck

Source: Canva

The pergola is a type of structure that can be customized in an infinite number of ways. You can give it a modern look with right angles and a black tint. Or, if you prefer a romantic flair, it can be painted white and decorated with beautifully shaped ends. As an added bonus, the structure can easily be used for climbing plants, hanging curtains, or wispy veils that'll catch in the slightest breeze.

Most professionals offer their services when it comes to building your dream structure at home. Hardware stores and department stores also carry different pergola models.

Pro tip: Toja Grid modular DIY pergola kits allow you to build the perfect triangular structure for your pool deck!

Use Prefabricated Screen Panels

Not looking to build anything? Hardware stores and garden centres sell great-looking prefabricated screen sections that are easy to install. Available in different materials and offered in various styles and colours, there's something for all tastes and budgets. For an exclusive product, use a province-based artisan or manufacturer.

Prefabricated screen sections are an easy solution. They can be used as a one-off, two-piece unit, or at will.


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Last modified 2023-11-07

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