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Protected at All Times with a 4-Season Awning

4 season awning
4 season awning

Protected at All Times with a 4-Season Awning

Exterior renovationsProtected at All Times with a 4-Season Awning

You're looking for a solution to enjoy your outdoor space all year round? Well, you've come to the right place! The 4-season awning allows you to enjoy your terrace and have barbecue evenings in all seasons, even during the winter months, without ever worrying about the whims of the weather. Still have doubts? Discover the essentials to know about this awning model!

The Features of 4-Season Awnings

4-season awnings

Source : Canva

The 4-season awning is an awning that can be used all year round. This type of awning offers excellent insulation as well as good resistance to wind and weather.

Its roof is usually made from heavy materials, and the lack of seams ensures good waterproofing. The all-season awning has a slope of at least 15 degrees to ensure maintenance during the winter. You couldn't make a better choice if you want to enjoy your outdoor space (terrace, patio, balcony, etc.) all year round.

The lifespan of a 4-season awning is on average 20 years. However, make sure to choose a model that meets the climatic requirements of your region. Below, discover 4 criteria to consider before your purchase:


The 4-season awning is recommended if you own a commercial structure like a shop, restaurant, or café, as it will enable you to provide 24-hour service without worrying about the bad weather. Choose an awning model with a waterproof canvas to protect your space from the rain. Some 100% waterproof vinyl canvases hold securely and keep the area dry even during heavy rains.

Resistance to Mould

Also, make sure to choose a fabric resistant to mould and mildew. Since awnings are constantly exposed to moisture, it is common to see mushrooms appear on the fabric's surface or to smell unpleasant mouldy odours. In addition to being unsightly, the presence of fungi can cause health problems. Fortunately, all of this can be avoided by choosing the right product.

Resistance to UV Rays

Awnings are constantly exposed to sunlight and its harmful effects. To counteract this, you should opt for an opaque fabric to limit the effects of UV rays. Indeed, the more opaque the fabric, the more effective it is at protecting against sunlight, reducing heat, and lowering energy costs.

Easy Maintenance

Materials like cotton stain easily and are not easy to maintain due to their almost nonexistent impermeability. It is preferable to opt for awning fabrics made of vinyl, which are very easy to clean.

Advantages of an Awning with a Vinyl Fabric

4-season awnings

Source : Canva

Vinyl is an excellent material for the fabric of the 4-season awning. These canvases are appreciated for their excellent resistance:

  • to water,

  • to weather,

  • to UV rays,

  • to moisture,

  • to stains.

The major advantage of vinyl awning fabrics lies, as mentioned earlier, in their simplified maintenance. Simply hose down the fabric with clean water to remove all dirt. It is recommended to clean them once a month to prevent dirt from embedding deeply into the fabric.

Vinyl is also a durable and sturdy material. It's a good choice if you have a commercial terrace.

The downside of vinyl fabrics is that they do not easily allow air to pass through and retain a lot of heat. Additionally, these fabrics are somewhat limited in terms of colours and styles compared to other types of fabrics.

Note that apart from vinyl, other materials such as acrylic, polyester, and cotton are used for 4-season awnings. You should choose them based on the intended use.

Examples and Prices of 4-Season Shelters

4-season awnings

Source : Canva

The price of a 4-season awning varies depending on the brand, the chosen material, and its quality. Here are some common awning brands and their prices:

  • Manual tilt patio awning: 300 - 410$

  • White Slope Patio Awning 2000 - 3000$

  • Motorised Retractable Patio Awning: 2500 - 4000$

  • White Contempra Slope Terrace Awning: 6000 - 6500$

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Last modified 2024-05-09

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Table of contents

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