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Renovation Inspo: 10 Tree and Shrub Ideas for Your Landscaping Project

Renovation Inspo: 10 Tree and Shrub Ideas for Your Landscaping Project

Exterior renovationsRenovation Inspo: 10 Tree and Shrub Ideas for Your Landscaping Project

Are you looking to make some changes to your landscaping? With such a multitude of trees and shrubs out there, this task may at first feel difficult to navigate! Luckily, we’ve got some ideas to inspire your landscaping project!

10 Examples of Trees and Shrubs to Inspire You

1- October Glory Red Maple

Source: Pinterest (fast-growing-trees)

This type of red maple never ceases to amaze with its magnificent foliage, which turns a dark green tint in spring and then turns red; it maintains that bright colour until late fall.

Interestingly, the tree is adorned with small red berries in the spring, attracting many tiny animals and birds. Although it adapts to most soils (moist and acidic ones are best), it’s best to plant this tree in a lightly shaded area.

2- The white dogwood and its beautiful white flowers

cornouiller blanc_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

Blooming in the first season after planting, white dogwood usually doesn’t exceed 3 meters in height and blooms pretty white flowers in summer. It’s especially appreciated for its magnificent, dense foliage which provides good shade in summer, despite its relatively modest size.

Those of us who don't have a green thumb will greatly appreciate the durability and low maintenance required for the white dogwood. Note that this tree doesn’t need water in great abundance and that it can therefore flourish very well without regular watering, the showers being sufficient for it. Let's finish by mentioning that this tree remains magnificent from spring to fall.

3- Ivory silk lilacs

lilas en soie d'hiver_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

It only takes a quick glance to notice the great beauty of this tree, not only for its large leaves but also its delicate white flowers. In fact, the latter contrasts beautifully with the dark red hue of the bark.

Like other varieties of lilac, it has a sweet scent. Due to its fairly dense foliage, it’s easy to use it as a background plant in landscaping.

4- Magnolia liliiflora “Ann”

Ann Magnolia_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

If there’s one thing that we appreciate about this tree, it’s the stunning flowers that display a red-purple colour and have an elongated shape. Blooming from mid-April until early May, the magnolia remains sensitive to inclement weather. We must also mention that this tree doesn’t need to be pruned frequently. Of course, if you have to prune this tree,  this task should be completed quite soon after flowering.

5- The smokebush (royal purple)

arbre à boucane pourpre_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

This tall shrub has very dense foliage that turns greyish-green to purple in fall. Around June-July, it reveals pretty bouquets of slightly pinkish-white flowers.

Nevertheless, this type of bush is sensitive to bad weather, so it’s best to place it in an area sheltered from high winds. Requiring little maintenance, the royal purple or smokebush doesn’t need frequent pruning. When necessary, we’d recommend waiting until after flowering.

6- Japanese spirea

spirée japonaise_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

Unsurprisingly, this small shrub is very popular here in Canada. Indeed, it’s perfectly suited to cold climates, in addition to adorning itself with large pink or white flowers in summer. We also like its delicate foliage which changes colour throughout the year, going from orange in spring and fall to a deep yellow or apple green in summer.

How to enjoy this shrub in all its glory? After flowering, it’s recommended that you prune the tips of the branches to stimulate the growth of brand-new flowers. Also, care must be taken to cut away the damaged branches every spring.

7- Fortune's spindle 

fusain de fortune_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

Due to its dense foliage, this pretty little decorative shrub is often used as a ground cover. It can also be placed near the foundation walls in order for the vines to climb up the side of your home. Quite resistant, it’s decently able to withstand the summer and the less abundant rains.

Its dark green foliage has a white border that will eventually turn pink in summer. Finally, we should mention that this shrub grows relatively slowly.

8- Roses


Source: Pinterest (

Here’s a classic that we’re still talking about today! The shrub rose continues to seduce with its magnificent blooms. But to enjoy their sublime beauty, it’s important to know how to care for them.

In this regard, it’s essential to take great care to water the rose bush during the first year, especially if you live in an area with dry weather. Are the flowers fading? Cut them immediately and don’t forget to prune the sprouts growing out of the ground (by cutting 3 mm above the bud).

Other maintenance-related tasks will need to be carried out during the year, such as cutting branches in November and pruning to 3 buds, while leaving 5 branches around March.

9- The flaky “Blue Star” Juniper

buisson couvre-sol_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

With its blue spruce-like appearance, this small evergreen shrub is certainly in a league of its own when it comes to aesthetic appeal. Indeed, it has unique foliage, the colour of which is blue-silver.

Due to its size, which only reaches two feet in height, it’s an excellent ground cover that is ideal for rock gardens. Regarding its size, it’s suggested that you remove about a third of the new growth. This task, carried out towards the end of June, is sometimes necessary until September.

10- The still beautiful white birch


Source: Pinterest (

Birches have long been a part of the landscape and it’s not without reason! Indeed, the birch tree has a majestic look and its beauty is indisputable. However, it’s better suited to large backyards due to its size, which can reach 10 metres, and its equally impressive width.

If you have a small yard, all is not lost! Indeed, there are dwarf varieties that can be planted within more modest landscaping. For large birch trees, note that a fall or winter trim job will be necessary!

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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