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10 Master Bathroom Ideas

Last modified: 2022-09-16 | Approximate reading time 4 mins

Are you lucky enough to be able to have a bathroom adjacent to your master bedroom? In order to make this space an oasis of calm and relaxation that you can enjoy after a long day, a little inspiration wouldn’t hurt! Here are a few examples that’ll offer you some.

10 master bedroom bathrooms

1- A modern bathroom with a refined decor

chambre à coucher avec salle de bain_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

The layout and decor of this refined bathroom are in perfect harmony and continuity with the adjacent bedroom. The decorative elements are minimal, which tends to accentuate the effect of calm and relaxation emanating from the room. The soft colours also contribute to this soothing atmosphere, as does the abundance of light that enters the room.

2- Light wood and gold

salle de bain_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

Light wood pairs beautifully with a gold-tone faucet and other decorative elements. This duo tends to create bright and warm decor whose richness is undeniable.

Once again, we focus on a setting where there are relatively few decorative elements. The gold colour and the sink design offer a luxurious look to this very pretty bathroom.

3- A bathroom full of nuance

salle de bain grise et blanche_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

Here is a bathroom full of nuances! The colours presented are soft and reserved, opting mainly for white and gray. We noticed that the tiles are in different shapes and sizes: long, gray and plain, small and marbled, or long and lean forming triangles.

Subtlety is the order of the day, giving life to a decor that is as classic as it is timeless. We particularly appreciate the tiled section on the floor, which adds an unusual aesthetic touch.

4- Black and white: the classic classic

salle de bain avec tuiles noires_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

It’s nothing new to see black and white as a bathroom colour choice. This classic duo offers a striking contrast that never ceases to charm, time and time again.

The clawfoot tub testifies to this attachment to bathroom aesthetics of another era, where finesse took on its full meaning. The transparency of the glass greatly benefits the entry of light into the interior of the room, which also highlights the whiteness of the wall tiles.

Thinking of installing tiles on your bathroom wall? See our article Wall Covering Inspirations: Wall Tiles.

5- A rustic and chic bathroom

salle de bain avec plancher en bois_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

This bathroom is characterized by a rustic-style decor, which manifests in the presence of a magnificent wooden floor and back wall panelling. However, this bathroom avoids raw aspects traditionally associated with rustic decor. This will greatly appeal to those who adore a touch of chic in the bathroom!

6- Wallpaper for an updated retro look

salle de bain avec papier peint_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

What can we say about the pretty wallpaper on the back wall? While this may have been commonplace in the bathrooms of yesteryear, it was gradually abandoned in favour of tiles or paint. However, you should know that it’s quite possible to find the right modern wallpaper for your bathroom!

Not only is the wallpaper easy to install, but the diversity of patterns gives rise to an endless number of decorative possibilities. This one is perfect for creating an accent wall, which will help determine the colours, shapes and patterns found throughout the rest of the bathroom.

7- Black is honoured

salle de bain noire_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

While many of us love bright, light bathrooms, some will want to dare to explore dark decor. The choice of black here is synonymous with luxury and prestige, this unique design also leaves us with a strong first impression. The textured finish of the tiles contributes to this impression and brings a nuance as subtle as it is refined.

8- Soft green and a clawfoot tub

carrelage vert_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

The marriage of metallic gray and glossy tiles certainly brings a lot of sparkle to this bathroom. The presence of black and white gives a touch of classic to this decor where shine is particularly present. Note that the carpet pattern and the seat fabric bring a touch of originality and modernity to the bathroom.

9- A touch of vintage

salle de bain avec tuiles bleues_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

This bathroom reminds us that dark blue will be in the spotlight this year! The vanity unit as well as the lights present an absolutely beautiful vintage style, which offers a lot of character to the bathroom. In another regard, the delicacy of the floor tiling is remarkable and adds a lot to the prestige of the decor.

10- Terrazzo and dark blue pattern

salle de bain blanche et bleue_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

The terrazzo pattern is back! The one we loved so much to hate in the past finds its place anew in our homes. If this doesn’t suit all tastes, it’s certainly very original!

Indeed, it’s unusual to see a pattern of this kind as bathroom flooring. Also, dark blue and white create a striking contrast, this one being accentuated by the presence of light-coloured wood.

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