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How To Establish a Good Relationship With Your Clients

Last modified: 2018/04/24 | 4 mins

As a contractor, it is important to both nourish and cherish the relationships you build with your clients. Getting off the ground and building a client base for your renovation company can be tough, but if you give it your best effort and follow a few key pieces of advice, your contracting business will be booming in no time. has compiled a list of things for contractors to focus on when creating positive contractor-client relationships.

Here are the ways to generate and keep clients for your home renovation company!

Have The Right Renovation Licences and Certificates

The best place to start gaining clientele is at the base level. Do you, as the contractor, have the proper certification to operate your business? Possessing the correct certificate or paperwork for the job is the key place to start, as certification will suggest reliability and build trust with clientele. Obviously, contracting licenses vary from province to province, so it is important to be on top of these requirements as well as staying up-to-date on the rules and regulations required for your region. 

Organization and Communication

Clear and defined organization and communication skills are fundamental to building and maintaining client relationships. The customer is looking for someone they can trust, rely on and be open with. Ways in which you as a contractor can practice organization and clear communication are as follows: pay close attention to the details of the project proposal, make sure that project details are clearly outlined before moving forward and make sure both parties understand and agree upon everything, including the total cost of the project upon completion. Also, worth noting, visual aids can help the client to understand some of the more complicated details, leading to feelings of comfort and inclusion.

When you have defined all the minute details and begun the project, it is important to regularly check in with your client and update them on the progress. Set a primary mode of communication for your client, letting them know the best way to contact with you if necessary; older clients may want a phone number whereas those who are younger may want an e-mail address. 

Also, don't beat around the bush, and make sure to let them know the total time the job will take to complete.  Staying on top of the outlined schedule is another excellent way to assure and comfort your client, and grow one step closer to getting repeat business!

Get To Know Your Client On a Personal Basis

Finding customers for your renovation company

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Put yourself in the customer's shoes! The client is usually entrusting you with their personal space, and it is necessary to remember this when building relationships. To best complete their project, and gain a returning customer, it is imperative to get to know them on a personal level, while remaining professional. Find out about their home life, the reasons for their undertaking the project, their marital status, whether they have children etc.

Don't be pushy in conversation and maintain some professional distance, but remain warm, open and honest.  As they say, honesty is the best policy, so try and remember this in all forms of interaction. Being yourself, a fellow human being, is the easiest way to get into the heart and home of any person! 

Treat your client as part of the team, letting them in on the details of the process. If you are communicating clearly and updating them regularly, this shouldn't be a problem. Try not to use contractor jargon, as this may alienate them. The more connected the client feels to the process, the more connected they will feel to you. Making your clients feel as part of the team will foster both positivity and loyalty.

Build a Website With Customer References

Now you've built some positive relationships and are finding your contracting business is starting to grow. What is the next step? Might we suggest building a website for your business, complete with a place for clients to directly review your process. If you have worked to foster constructive relationships, you should want your clients' feedback to help you find and earn other work.

For a younger clientele, the world is online and they will more than likely google your company before reaching out. If you aren't that computer savvy, there are several freelancing options to have someone build a website for you. Even if the website is barebones, it is an excellent way to generate clients, and by putting everything out into the open, show that you have nothing to hide!

Do What Your Competitors Don't!

Do your research, seeing what your competitors offer to clients and finding something that makes you unique! Maybe your response time is quicker than that other guy? Maybe you are more open to negotiating then the other contractors they've been contacting? Remember, your business is simply an extension of yourself, and a unique selling point could help to gain and maintain clientele, putting yourself miles ahead of that other contractor who makes no effort!

Author: Amanda Harvey

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