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Small Budget Home Renovation Projects

Last modified: 2017/07/25 | 2 mins

Wondering how to renovate your house without spending a fortune? has a few tips on how to renovate your house when you have limited budget.

Keep and reuse certain materials

You don't need to be a renovation expert to create major changes in your home. One of the easiest ways to give your house a makeover without investing a lot of money is to work with what you've already got. A fresh coat of paint can give new life to a dull room. Stone counters and floors can look brand new after being treated with resin. Same goes with wooden floors which can be made beautiful again after a good polishing and a few coats of varnish. Look around your house.

You probably have a few spare cans of paint, floor tiles or curtains that can be transformed with a little bit of fabric dye. Those scraps of wood you've been keeping in your garage for years? Use them to build a new shelf for added storage. Those gorgeous pallets that you found on the side of the road?

Make yourself a new outdoor patio. If you're not planning on renovating right at this moment, whenever you're at a hardware store, check out items that are on sale and stock up when you see something worthwhile. You'll be glad to have these materials on hand when you decide to work on a home improvement project.

Do it yourself or hire people for certain tasks

Unless you are very skilled at manual work, hiring professionals tends to be a better option for home renovations. Qualified contractors know what they are doing and can guarantee long lasting results. They are also able to work out the best solutions for your renovation project. However, if you feel that you simply can't afford the added costs related to hiring a workforce, there are many projects you can do yourself.

Check out our DIY articles to learn more about how to complete certain renovation projects yourself: How to paint a living room How to replace your front door How to clean your ventilation ducts How to paint a wooden deck

However, remember that some types of renovations are best completed by contractors. Here is our list of 7 home renovations that should be left to professionals

In the photo galery below, you will find 6 renovation projects that can be done without investing a large amount of money:

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