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Five Useful Renovation Tips

Last modified: 2017/03/23 | 2 mins

Since home renovations can either be a great experience or a real nightmare, here are 5 useful renovation tips that will help you complete your project to obtain the best possible results.

1) Prioritize according to the most pressing needs

Although bathroom and kitchen renovations are usually the first things people want to do because of their high return on investment, sometimes it's best to look towards renovation projects that aren't as enticing at first glace.

For instance, your newly renovated kitchen could turn out very nice but if the plumbing is defective and the room is very humid, you may have to re-do everything! Therefore, try to prioritize renovations such as plumbing, electricity, thermal insulation or sound proofing. The general state of the house should always come before its appearance.

2) Don’t over estimate your own skills

If you trust your knowledge about renovation and you have all the tools that are required for the task, you could definitely save money by completing some of the work yourself. However, if you’re not really qualified to do certain tasks, you’ll probably feel overwhelmed.

Not only could rookie mistakes cost you a lot to repair but in  certain cases (electricity, plumbing), in order to conform with building norms, you need to have a licence to do the work. Therefore, when you're looking to renovate, it is often wiser to hire experienced contractors. After all, everyone should stick to what they know.

3) Favour value over money

Owners that renovate their property often look for ways to save money and in doing so, they are only partly right. It's always a good thing to compare prices for materials and contractors. Since the field of renovation is so competitive, you should take the time to shop wisely.

Still, quality should never be sacrificed in the interest of getting a better price. Poor quality materials and unskilled workers will end up costing more in the long run and could even cause serious problems. Therefore, instead of looking for cheaper prices just for the sake of saving a few dollars, try instead to look for things that offer good value AND quality.

4) Predict the unpredictable

Even though some cases are unpredictable, know that more than one out of two renovation projects end up costing more than planned. Therefore, you should always add an extra 10% (at the very least) to your renovation budget for unplanned expenses. If no problems arise as the renovations are being completed, you could use that extra money for other projects or just save it.

5) Respect your  renovation budget

We’ll never put enough emphasis on the importance of establishing a budget! If you take the time to do it properly before the renovation begins, you should stick to it! Too many owners add things during the process, like another tap, more hardwood floors, a few drawers… If you add all those little extras, your expenses will end up skyrocketing!

For those of you who are on a tight budget, always try to stick to what you had planned in the beginning. If you feel like you really want to add something, recalculate your budget and make sure you can afford it before taking any concrete actions. A renovation project should not put you into a financial crisis.

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