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10 Examples of Dark Bathrooms

Last modified: 2023-03-15 | Approximate reading time 4 mins

Although the integration of light colours brings a much-appreciated light into a room and tends to visually enlarge the perception of space, some of us prefer dark colours.

If you’re hesitant to make this choice, it’s important to know that it could prove to be a winner. Here are 10 examples of bathrooms where dark colours and shades are synonymous with elegance and character.

10 Stunning Dark Bathrooms

1- Black, why not?

salle de bain

Source: Pinterest (Hickory Project)

Though decor bursting with refinement and finesse may appeal to many of us, this is not the case for everyone. Some prefer rough finishes, solid furniture and styles with little concern for discretion. For these, the bathroom shown in the image above may be the ideal design for a future remodelling project. There’s no need to overload this room with a large number of decorative elements with a sink that has such a presence!

2- A cozy vibe

salle de bain foncée

Source: Pinterest (The Wooden Hill)

This decor reminds us of the growing interest in biophilic design, which highlights plants, flowers and all the wonders of the plant world. The mix of white, black and back wall panelling offers this bathroom a country-inspired look, even with the refined flooring choice. Of course, if black brings a lot of darkness, this choice allows you to create a cozy and soothing decor.

3- Highlighting blue

salle de bain bleu foncé_Soumission Rénovation

Source: Pinterest (Pipit Hermano)

This contemporary bathroom is sure to appeal to those who love classic design and decor. Navy blue has always been a colour we like to pair with white and we understand why. The previous example proves that classics never go out of style!

4- Glossy tiles and gold fittings for a retro look

salle de bain bleu foncée

Source: Pinterest (

If metallic gray embodies elegance, there’s no doubt that gold is certainly the emblem of bathroom decor with a retro look. The combination of the blue tiles with a glossy finish and the floor composed of very small tiles make this whole room very charming! The unique look of the fixtures and faucets add a distinguished vintage touch to this bathroom.

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5- Gray and brown for a refined rustic style

salle de bain brune

Source: Pinterest (

Who said that rustic style was incompatible with modern design? Here, we notice a nice balance between these two styles, the mixture of which can sometimes seem inconsistent. The vanity unit is the perfect example, with its raw design, antique-looking hinges and its granite countertop coating. It’s also impossible not to emphasize the beautiful balance between the colours (beige, gray, white and dark brown), as they’re perfectly coordinated.

6- White and red for a peculiar look

salle de bain rouge

Source: Pinterest (Melody Beligan-Lim)

Red is a colour with plenty of character! We notice its visual impact in this setting, where we also find a beautiful balance between straight and curved lines. The intensity of red and black is attenuated by the presence of white, which creates a harmonious decor. The whole space embodies modernity, which will certainly appeal to lovers of this style.

7- Elegance at its best

salle de bain mauve

Source: Pinterest (

This magnificent bathroom is definitely the epitome of elegance. Its clawfoot tub, its winding lines plus the choice of classic furniture: everything is unquestionably charming.

What about the lighting? This skillfully highlights the white ceiling, which contrasts with the dark mauve that adorns the walls. The gray shade at the bottom perfectly matches the metallic gray furniture, completing a look with a lot of character.

8- A modern and raw design

salle de bain noire

Source: Pinterest (

It’s a very daring choice to opt for a completely black bathroom! The sink and counter have a massive and raw design that gives a lot of style to the bathroom. While this look won't be suitable for everyone, there's no denying its originality. We should point out the presence of the magnificent moulding adorning the wall with its geometric design, the perfect ornament for this modern decor.

Do you need more information to plan the progress of your bathroom renovation project? Take a look at our article Guide to Bathroom Renovation: The Checklist of Things to Remember.

9- An interesting dark pink look

salle de bain rose foncé

Source: Pinterest (

When the time comes to choose the bathroom colours to be in the spotlight, we rarely think of pink. However, this dark pink blends in perfectly with classic decor, as seen in the above example. The mirror has a particularly original design, hence its visual impact. Flowers and white add a touch of lightness, offsetting the more assertive character of pink.

10- Shiny dark green for a distinguished design

salle de bain verte

Source: Pinterest (

The glossy green tiles here contrast beautifully with the white floor tiles. We appreciate the shine they bring, as well as their uneven colour which attracts and reflects light. The gold ceiling is certainly worth mentioning, contributing to the brightness and providing a good dose of prestige to this retro and elegant-looking bathroom.

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