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19 Tile Trends that Shaped 2023

19 Tile Trends that Shaped 2023

Trends in renovations and home decor19 Tile Trends that Shaped 2023

Tiles are the perfect way to add a personalized touch to your home. Over the years, tiles have been a leading trend in matters of interior décor and, in 2023, this craze isn’t even close to coming to a standstill. Without further ado, here are this year’s most popular tile trends.

What Are the Tile Trends for 2023?

tile trends

Source: Canva

With all things tiling, the most relevant trends of 2023 are those that are either daring in style, surprisingly oversized, stunningly designed, or ingeniously laid. At times unequivocal, others ambivalent, but born from an eclectic sense of creativity, so much so that the aesthetic can shift from a sleek, minimalist look to its polar opposite, a funky and colourful sphere. 

Consider yourself warned; it’s going to be a tough one.

1- Travertine

This natural stone, valued for centuries for its timeless beauty, was very much the talk of the town in 2023. It’s praised for its shades of beige, cream, pink, or brown, adorned with a subtle veining. Travertine tiles are both sleek and versatile, a perfect fit for all décors. 

2- Wood-like tiles 

tile trends

Source: Canva

These tiles are still charming our socks off this year, beautifully mimicking natural wood while remaining low maintenance and humidity-proof. From chevron patterns to large planks mimicking local or exotic wood essences, this type of tile is available in natural shades as well as bolder hues to add a bit of warmth and elegance to your living spaces.

3- Terrazzo

Terrazzo tiles are made from a mixture of marble, quartz, and glass chips, as well as other cement-embedded materials, and are retailed in a delightful range of colours, sizes, and designs suiting all aesthetics. 

4- XXL tiles

tile trends

Source: Canva

While oversized tiles have been rather fashionable in recent years, 2023 has propelled them to new heights! These are far from being limited to vast surface areas; they can be just as desirable in confined spaces for an undeniably modern wink. Right now, the spotlight is on the 120 cm by 240 cm format.

To help your decision-making process, check out this article (in French only).

5- Zellige

Zellige tiles add an exotic touch to your interior décor. Straight out of Morocco, these tiles are handcrafted with glazed terracotta clay. They’re known for their vibrant colours, geometric designs, and uniqueness. Zellige tiles are unmatched when it comes to showcasing an accent wall, kitchen splash guard, or vanity backsplash. Overall, we’re just head over heels for their vibrant blue, green, and yellow hues.

6- Terracotta tiles

tile trends

Source: Canva

Terracotta’s back! With its genuine country home look, it’s very reminiscent of warm living spaces. And, its nuanced colour palette ranges from an earthy brown to a golden ochre, with a brick red in between. 

7- Colourful mosaic

Colourful, geometrical patterns are once again sought-after. Mosaics are inspired by a fun, creative, and colourful nature, that depicts floral-like or abstract patterns in an impressive array of colours. You can even opt for glass mosaic tiles

8- 3D tiles

tile trends

Source: Canva

Although 3D tiles aren’t new on the market, those showcased in 2023 are on a whole other level and incredibly tempting.

9- Biophilic aesthetic

A tiling honouring nature. Whether wood-like, stone-inspired, greige, blue, or sage green, it’s the perfect way to design a Zen aesthetic!

10- Hexagon tiles

tile trends

Source: Canva

2023 newcomer hexagon tiles give way to a new look, combining different colours or sizes, creating genuine works of art. 

11- Mixed flooring

With this trend, different types of flooring, laid side by side, blend together seamlessly, creating a division or simply giving a room a more unique look. 

12- Faux concrete, stone, or marble tiles

tile trends

Source: Canva

Imitation tile perfectly mimics the material in question, carrying over the right textures to new settings, and highlighting select surfaces. 

13- Two-toned tiles

For pop or retro vibes, two-toned tiles are available in an array of unique shades. We especially like a green and pink moment. 

14- Art Deco tiles

tile trends

Source: Canva

Art Deco is glamour to a T, manifesting fancy fan-like or garland shapes, with striking contrasts in between. The already featured black, white, or gold hues beautifully adorn the walls. 

15- Geometric tiles

tile trends

Source: Canva

Geometric tiles are perfectly contemporary, whether of simple or complex patterns, they’re without a doubt a striking feature in any room and on all surfaces. 

16- Metallic tiles

Metallic tiles unveil an industrial and contemporary touch. They’re often played off in kitchens and bathrooms for additional textures and light. 

17- Porcelain stoneware

tile trends

Source: Canva

Porcelain stoneware tiles can literally be used anywhere. They’re resilient and aesthetic and available in oversized formats.  

18- A black and white moment

Black and white tiles are absolutely timeless, visually pleasing, and elegant, and have unparalleled appeal. 

19- Green with envy!

tile trends

Source: Canva

Whether Christmas tree green, bottle green, sage, olive, Lehigh Green, Chartreuse liqueur green, or apple green, green is as fashionable as ever. This colour of tile is all the more sought-after with its equally vintage or modern vibes.

Living Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Floors or Walls: Homes Are Tiled, Even Outside!

Modern trends are synonymous with refinement and elegance. Contemporary tiles have become must-haves, paving the way to nearly unlimited creativity. Bathrooms and living rooms aren’t the only areas being tiled, more like the whole house is. Don’t forget about outdoor tiles!

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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