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6 Beautiful Colours to Showcase Your Basement

6 Beautiful Colours to Showcase Your Basement

Interior renovations6 Beautiful Colours to Showcase Your Basement

The ideal refuge after a hard day's work, the basement is a room that we hope to be warm and welcoming. Of course, we want to avoid making this space feel cramped and lacking ventilation. Due to its location and lack of light that enters the room, creating a balanced atmosphere can be a challenge.

However, be aware that a judicious choice of colour may be the perfect solution to create an atmosphere that meets your expectations.

Picking Colours for Your Basement

Light colours for a little more light

Unsurprisingly, it’s strongly advised to choose light colours that will emphasize the space as well as offer the appearance of opening up the room. Should you avoid dark colours altogether? As it’s always good to create contrast in a room and allow for various elements to be highlighted, the inclusion of darker tones and shades is recommended.

You should avoid making dark colours too prominent and leave space for bright and light colours. If you are working with darker shades, be sure to reserve these for accents, such as mouldings, frames, or a single wall. 

light basement_Choosing a colour for your basement


Which finish should you choose?

We often discuss the colour of the walls of a room, but it’s important to remember that the finish of the paint you choose is crucial too. Indeed, it seems that a matte finish won’t reflect any natural light that enters the room. Even if you’ve chosen the colour wisely, the desired effect for it to open up the space may not be there. 

In any case, opt for a velvety or satin finish. Is it difficult for you to choose between the two? Bear in mind that going with a velvety finish will allow you to hide small imperfections here and there. This can be an advantage if you’re not an experienced painter and thus, find it impossible to make mistakes in the process. The satin finish, in response to our recommendation to avoid matte finishes, is ideal for reflecting light. This is a definite plus for a dark room such as a basement. 

6 Basement Paint Colour Suggestions


1- Light yellow

light yellow_Choosing a colour for your basement

For vivid and sunny decors, why not opt for bright yellow? If the amount of natural light flooding into the space is particularly modest, a canary yellow will be an effective counterweight to make sure the room is bright enough. Obviously, if all your walls are yellow, it would be best to opt for decorative elements in more neutral colours such as black, gray or white, the latter can definitely contribute to the brightness of a room. 

2- Grey

gray room_Choosing a colour for your basement

While the reputation of this colour may be dull and not an option that one immediately thinks of, pale gray remains a top choice for the basement. However, in contrast with this neutral colour, it’s advisable to include an accent wall with a much brighter tone. If necessary, the integration of decorative objects (frames, vases, mirrors, or others), as well as bright colours, can be a good way to balance the scenery and avoid the creation of a bleak or too-neutral space. 

3- White

White wall basement_Choosing a colour for your basement

Whether you consider white as a colour or an absence of colour, this is a more than ideal option for the basement. Not only does white allow light to be reflected and diffused, but it also allows for a blank canvas when it comes to the choice of furniture colours and other objects that will help dress the room. Like a blank page, an immaculate basement opens all the doors and puts at your disposal an infinite number of possibilities for the layout of the room. 

When you buy paint, note that you can choose a warm or cold white. What is the difference between them? A cool white is white tinged with blue, green or gray, while warm white will have a hint of pink, yellow or brown. For rooms like the basement that usually benefit from less light, it’s advisable to opt for a warm white. 

4- Beige

Beige wall paint_Choosing a colour for your basement

An enveloping and relaxing colour, beige is certainly an appropriate shade for a space used for taking it easy. If you avoid selecting a shade too dark and adding elements of wood decor, it creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere while reflecting calmness. If you’re not very keen on bright colours, but white seems too light, beige is an option to consider for the creation of a brand-new room.

5- Metallics

Metallic paint accents_Choosing a colour for your basement

It’s rare to think about integrating metallic colours into the basement. This is an audacious choice, and thus it’s not surprising that it can be accompanied by a certain hesitation. However, for maximum effort, the installation of a pressed metal wall panel is recommended in place of paint. This will add a layer of sparkle and texture to your basement decor while allowing you to counterbalance the glow with black, white, or gray objects and furnishings. 

If you choose to install the metal wall panel pressed on the wall, know that it can also be used on the ceiling to create an even more striking look. Another option is wall sconces, as these will be very useful for accentuating the metallic lustre of the ceiling and brightening up the entire room. 

6- Blue-grey

Although it’s a cold colour, and may not seem to fit a room requiring more light, blue-grey becomes surprisingly bright when arranged with furniture or white objects. It should be known that this colour tends to create a distinguished atmosphere and that it matches perfectly with gold, silver, or copper. Experiment with decor elements in these colours, such as trinkets and vases. The right balance of brightness and neutrality is once again a winning combination for creating a beautiful backdrop in your basement. 

Choosing a basement colour

Due to differences in lighting, the perception we have of colour can vary from place to place. This is why it’s best to bring home colour samples, stick them on your wall and see how they actually look under these lighting conditions. This way, you’ll avoid disappointment when your painting project is completed, as the results will be what you anticipated. 

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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