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How to Choose Your Kitchen Flooring Material: 6 Top Materials

Last modified: 2022-05-04 | Approximate reading time 5 mins

Léa Plourde-Archer

Are you considering changing your kitchen floors? Well, you’re in luck! There are so plenty of kitchen flooring options on the market. If you’re having trouble choosing the right material for your home, look no further. We’ve gone ahead and prepared a practical guide with all of the details of the most popular types of floor coverings plus their characteristics.

Remember, the kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house. It’s common for the average person to visit their kitchen at least 3 times a day, if not more. Moreover, it’s no secret that this particular room is exposed to various elements such as dirt, water and heat. When choosing a floor covering for your kitchen, you will need to consider these facts.

Here are the 6 best types of flooring materials for your kitchen!

kitchen flooring_wood

Photo: unsplash

1) Tile kitchen flooring

Tiles are the most widely-used material for kitchen floors, and this is due to their versatility and durability. There are several different types of tile and as a result, you can easily find almost any colour, texture or finish to match your personal needs as well as your home decor. Kitchen tiles generally come in a few materials and these include ceramic, porcelain or glass.

tile floors

Photo: unsplash

The different types of tiles for kitchen floors

Ceramic tiles have a long life and are a modern choice. Also, ceramic is a popular choice among those with allergies as well as homes with pets, as this material resists allergens. 

Porcelain tiles are a heavier material than ceramic, collect less water and are more stain-resistant. If you choose this material for your kitchen floor, make sure it is slip-resistant. Porcelain tiles are also exceptionally durable and will not crack as easily as ceramic.

Glass tiles are expensive, but they have a beautiful finish. This type of tile can be cut into many shapes and sizes, so most homeowners choose it due to its versatility.

Travertine tiles are another option that has begun growing in popularity. This type of tile is not as versatile as the others mentioned, but it can easily mimic the look of natural stone at a fraction of the cost. This material is environmentally-friendly, so it’s favourable for homeowners who are interested in green living. 

However, travertine is very porous and is susceptible to stains. So, if you plan on hosting several dinner parties, this may not be the right flooring for you.

Since tiles aren’t very thick, they can also be used as kitchen backsplashes. Tiles can work in almost any kitchen, but in the end, it's always a matter of taste. You can achieve an excellent, modern and chic look with all the aforementioned styles of tiles.

2) Stone kitchen flooring

If you're looking for something more exclusive than a tile floor, stone flooring is the way forward. However, we should mention that you can expect a hefty price tag.

Although it looks great once it’s been laid, stone flooring can be very difficult to install. For this reason, it requires special arrangements that need to be completed by a professional. Furthermore, note that stone is porous and is sensitive to water as well as stains. 

If you choose this type of flooring, maintenance is key. Every year, you’ll be required to apply a water-repellent product on the floor's surface to keep it from getting damaged.


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wood flooring for kitchen

3) Wood flooring

Wood flooring has been favoured for years and continues to remain popular. It’s a beautiful material that adds a touch of warmth to any room. Traditional oak and engineered wood are just some of the options available. Wood flooring comes in many different styles, shades and grains so as with many of the other mentioned materials, it is quite versatile.

In terms of price, a wood floor can tend to be on the expensive side. Make sure that the type you choose is waterproof or it will be necessary for you to apply a waterproof varnish each year. Specifically, you should look for these wood options, as they are well-suited for kitchen floors: Teak, Merbau and Ipe.

4) PVC flooring

PVC flooring is a very common material. The major advantage of this type of floor is that it almost perfectly mimics the look wood, metal and stone at a fraction of the cost. This material is relatively simple to install because the application process involves sticking it to the ground, and this makes it watertight. 

Simply clean the surface where you’ll be installing the floor covering, stick the PVC down and voilà! This material is very affordable but doesn’t always age well.

vinyl floors in kitchen

Photo: pexels

5) Vinyl kitchen flooring

Like PVC, Vinyl is consistently trending in the world of kitchen flooring. Vinyl an excellent economical option as an alternative to wood and tiles and available in a wide array of colours and patterns. The installation process is simple, as this material comes in rolls or tiles that are stuck to the subflooring with adhesives. Cleaning and maintaining vinyl is very easy.

6) Bamboo flooring


source: unsplash

Bamboo flooring is an eco-friendly flooring option that’s gained popularity over recent years as an alternative to wood. Bamboo can be processed to take on colours aside from its original beech to resemble oak and pine. However, this process affects the surface of the material as it hardens it.

However, there are plenty of grain variations on the market. There is also the option of engineered bamboo which is more affordable and still eco-friendly. Although both are green-friendly, bamboo is susceptible to scratches and stains and needs to be looked after carefully.

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