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10 examples of minimalist interior decors

Last modified: 2022-07-29 | Approximate reading time 4 mins

Karine Dutemple

Thinking of purge your material possessions to follow the minimalist trend and simplify your daily life? If that's what you want, we've got some home decor ideas to inspire you for your next renovation project and create a minimalist decor that lives up to your expectations!

10 minimalist decors to inspire you

1) Japanese-inspired minimalism

décor minimaliste_minimalist decor

Source: Pinterest (

This Japanese-inspired bedroom decor reveals a fine balance between curved and straight lines, which complement each other perfectly. A selection of light colours creates a soothing and relaxing decor, all enhanced by the abundance of natural light.

2) A simple setting for a well-deserved break

banc et coussin_Pinterest_bench and cushion

Source: Pinterest (

This bench, which is often associated with break time, embodies simplicity because of its straight lines and its slender design. Plants add a touch of colour while not imposing themselves too intensely in this simple but relaxing decor. Once again, this minimalist decor puts luminosity in the spotlight and includes colours that are sober, classic and true emblems of elegance.

3) A clean decor that exudes simplicity

chambre à coucher minimaliste_Pinterest_minimalist bedroom

Source: Pinterest (

This minimalist decor focuses on contrasts. This is evident with the presence of white bedding and a white carpet, which contrast with the darker hue of the flooring.

This opposition is also embodied in the straight lines and rounded shapes, which can be found respectively on the carpet as well as in the pompoms of the cover and the mirror adorning the wall. This mirror is also there to reflect the natural light which enters the room.

4) A kitchen where softness and raw materials work togethercuisine minimaliste_Pinterest_minimalist kitchen

Source: Pinterest (

While we often think of choosing a smooth and glossy finish for cabinet doors. Here, we've got a raw and natural finish. All this provides soft sobriety to the room and the effect is accentuated by a limited number of decorative elements and the presence of pale colours. The room is stripped of wall art or trinkets, allowing the wood and countertops to steal the show.

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5) A focus on vintage chic style

salle de bain minimaliste_Pinterest_minimalist bathroom

Source: Pinterest (

This minimalist bathroom reminds us how much the mix of black and white deserves its reputation as a timeless classic.

The white and rectangular tiles work with the design of the windows while evoking, with a touch of modern style, a more vintage bathroom design. The pedestal sink is very elegant and provides a certain richness to the decor.

6) Comfort and simplicity with a modern twistsalon minimaliste_Pinterest_minimalist living room

Source : Pinterest (

The star of this modern living room is this beautiful pastel couch and its footstool. The choice of velvet as a fabric is also wise because it brings a lot of warmth and softness to the room. The absence of elaborate designs and the almost total lack of decorative elements creates a decor that focuses on calm and contemplation.

7) A mix of textures that inspires relaxationchambre à coucher_Pinterest_bedroom

Source: Pinterest (

Although white is often used in minimalist settings, a beautiful beige is the shade of choice here. This colour works along with a pale brown hue and several discreet textures and patterns to give life to this cozy, comfortable and warm room. The mirror at the head of the bed is both delightful and simple and highlights the advantageous height of the ceilings.

8) Wood and stone for a sober decor

cuisine minimaliste blanche_Pinterest_minimalist white kitchen

Source: Pinterest (

This beautiful kitchen evokes the softness of natural stone and largely renounces the presence of trinkets, wall art or appliances on the counter. This decor is mainly focused around natural elements and the predominance of a smooth finish, whether for the counter surface or for the few items found in the room, is calm and soothing.

9) Smooth finish, shine and brightness

salle de bain minimaliste blanche_Pinterest_minimalist white bathroom

Source: Pinterest (

It takes very few elements to create a classic and stunning decor in this bathroom. The glossy finish of the white tiles adorning the wall and the immaculate look of the design make it the perfect image of the minimalist bathroom. Notice the predominance of rectangular and square shapes and the simplicity of the furniture, all of which help avoid a visually overloaded decor.

10) A kitchen without a wardrobe for a sleek design

cuisine foncée_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

Often seen in minimalist kitchens is the absence of upper cabinets, which are instead replaced with simple shelves that are stacked with dishes. This gives the room a clean look and avoids cluttering the space with solid furniture. The modern decor in this kitchen is adorned with a slightly bright green colour, which complements the grey of the counter and the black of the cabinets under it.

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