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How to Use our Checklists

How to Use our Checklists

Renovation checklistHow to Use our Checklists

If you need a little bit of help to organize your home improvement project, we're here to help! We have prepared checklists that you can consult to help guide you through the different stages of the project.

You've seen these checklists on our blog, but you may not be quite sure how to use them or you'd like to have a place where you can easily find each of these documents? This is why we've decided to create an article that you can look at before you start using these guides, or that you can set aside according to your needs.

You may be using one or more of these articles during your remodelling project. Indeed, if you are in the process of organizing a large-scale renovation project and you have decided to act as a worksite manager or you would like to follow along throughout the different steps, even if you hired a general contractor, these articles could be very useful!

What are our renovation guides used for?

First, these guides are meant to put together useful information for the type of home improvement project you plan to organize. Instead of having to read multiple articles on our blog, you can find important information in one place.

Additionally, the article is accompanied by a useful checklist that you can adapt to your needs. This list is used to ensure that the project takes place under the best conditions, following as logical a sequence as possible. You can download and print the checklist to use it as you see fit! Our goal is to help reduce unnecessary time and spending while getting results that meet your needs when the job is done!

The information that you will find in these checklists

In the beginning, we discuss the questions to ask for the type of project in question. These questions are intended to help you make choices and ensure that the project can be carried out. Next, we generally talk about the different materials, techniques for calculating a budget and things to know when working with a contractor.

We try to include as much information as possible while making sure the article is not too long. To do this, we include numerous links to relevant articles where you will find more detailed information about certain elements. For example, if you have decided to buy a marble countertop, you can read the various articles published on our blog on this subject in order to learn more.

How to use them effectively

You can browse and use the guides as you see fit, but in general, we strongly recommend that you read the entire document and print the PDF so that you can use it in an optimal manner. We have created a logical structure that follows the normal steps for this type of project, so to find your way around it, the best thing to do is to consult them in their entirety, even if there are sections that seem less relevant at first glance.

However, the main objective of these guides is not to have a rigid and restrictive tool in hand. Instead, you should use them as needed. We truly hope that they will help you throughout the process.

In the following paragraphs, we will give a short presentation of the checklists that are currently available on our site (we are creating new ones every month):

Guides to help you renovate a specific room in the house

Are you planning to renovate a single room in your house? Here are the checklists we have prepared for individual rooms:

Kitchen renovation project

Source: Canva

If you are renovating the entire kitchen, you will need to be well organized! Otherwise, you risk making mistakes and spending more than you expected. This is why it is one of the first checklists that we designed:

Kitchen renovation guide: a checklist of steps to follow

Bathroom renovation project

Source: Canva

Bathroom renovation projects generally involve major work requiring several categories of expertise including plumbing, electricity, surfaces (walls and floors) and furniture. This room can be cramped, but it includes a lot of elements, so the work is often complex and rather expensive. To help you reduce costs and work time, the checklist comes to your rescue!

Guide to bathroom remodelling: a checklist of things to remember

Bedroom renovation project

Source: Canva

Are you planning to renovate your bedroom, that of a child or your guest room? This checklist will help you choose materials for your flooring and wallcovering, calculate your budget, and consider the different aspects of lighting.

Guide to bedroom renovation: the checklist of steps to follow

Basement renovation project

Source: Canva

Renovating a basement can be a very big project, especially if the space is not initially habitable. There are a lot of aspects to take into account and this project should not be rushed because the basement can be too wet and poorly ventilated. If you are planning to launch a basement remodelling project, here is a guide that will help you think of everything!

Basement renovation guide: checklist of steps to follow

Guides for large-scale renovation projects

Kitchen or bathroom remodelling projects are often large-scale projects, especially if you decide to change everything. However, among the big projects to be undertaken, there are some more complicated ones, including that of building a house extension or a new house. For this type of project, it is all the more important to be well accompanied and well organized. Here is our guide to home extensions that can also be used for a new construction project, before we publish a checklist on this subject.

Home extension project

Source: Canva

If you are looking to build a home addition, whether the project involves adding a basement to your house, building a new floor, or anything like that, you should take a look at this article. :

Home extension guide: the checklist of steps to follow

Guides for exterior renovation projects

If your project is taking place outside the home, you may also need help choosing the right materials, adopting the best techniques, and better knowing which direction you want to head towards. Here is our guides to help you with this:

Landscaping or exterior project

Source: Canva

Landscaping and exterior renovation project: THE checklist of steps to follow

Exterior siding renovation project

Source: Canva

Exterior Siding Renovation Project: A Checklist of the Steps to Follow

Guides to help you renovate a specific element of your home

We have also prepared guides to help you when renovating a specific element in your home. To date, we have 2 checklists that fall into this category, namely the roof and the floor. Here they are:

Roof renovation project

Source: Canva

We discuss the stages of the project, the different roofing materials, the questions to ask before going ahead with this project and much more!

Roof renovation guide: THE checklist of steps to follow

Floor renovation project

Source: Canva

In this article, you will learn more about flooring renovations, from surface finishing techniques to materials, including installation techniques.

Floor renovation guide: the checklist of steps to follow

General maintenance guides

Source: Canva

Finally, we have also prepared a checklist to help you with your home maintenance efforts on a daily basis or on an annual basis and so on. You can consult it and use it as needed to better organize your maintenance tasks:

Checklist: your annual and monthly home maintenance list

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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