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Price Guide: Kitchen Renovations

Last modified: 2017/09/28 | 5 mins

Are you in the process of renovating your kitchen? This list, combing the main characteristics and prices of all the important elements, is meant to help you plan out your project and choose things that are suited to your budget:

Kitchen renovation price guide

Elements Characteristics Price

Kitchen cabinets and drawers

  • Must be installed at the appropriate height and big enough to suit the needs of the house's occupants.
  • Box shaped cabinets
  • Different styles, colours, installation methods (corner, etc.), heights and possibles sizes.
  • Most popular materials: melamine, wood, metal, glass for the doors, PVC, etc.

Prices starting at $100/cabinet and door

Starting at $30/ drawer


  • Must be durable and easy to clean.
  • Different textures, finishes, colours and materials.
  • Most popular materials: stratified, synthetic, stone (marble, quartz, granite), tiles (ceramic or porcelain), metal, wood, concrete.
  • May include an island, a breakfast nook or a bar with stools.


  • Stratified: $20/ square foot.
  • Concrete: $80/square foot.
  • Granite: $100/square foot.

Kitchen sink

  • Must be big enough to suit the occupant's needs.
  • There can be more than one in the kitchen and they can have different sizes and depths.
  • Different types of sinks: single, double, triple.
  • Several installation methods: encased within the countertop, sitting on top, etc.
  • Different materials available: stainless steel, cast-iron enameled, stone, etc.

Starting at $80


  • Must be easy to manipulate.
  • Different types: with a movement detector, one or two knobs, "pot filler" near the oven, etc.
  • Different spouts: 180 degree or 360 degree rotation, detachable, high or low spout, etc.
  • Accessories: spray attachment, high pressure spout, etc.

Starting at $35

Floor covering

  • Must be stain and shock resistant.
  • All types of materials can be used but always try to privilege the most durable types: vinyl, linoleum, stratified, bamboo, stone (granite, slate, etc.), ceramic.

Prices starting at:

  • Vinyl: $1/square foot
  • Bamboo: $3/square foot
  • Stone: $4/square foot

Wall covering

  • Other than paint, it is possible to use ceramic (mosaic, porcelain, etc.) or stone on some of the surfaces for design purposes.
  • Back-splash can be made of tile, ceramic, stone (marble, quartz, etc.), wood, mosaic, etc.
  • Another possibility is using special magnetized or chalkboard paint.

Starting at $2/square foot

Kitchen paint

  • Must be resistant to humidity and frequent cleanings.
  • Use either 100% acrylic paint or special Bathroom and kitchen paint.
  • Vast array of colours and finishes (semi-matte, glossy, semi-gloss, etc.)

$50 per gallon. Two or three gallons ($100 to $150) should be enough for one kitchen.


  • Must be very well protected from humidity and potential contact with water
  • Has to be done by a professional
  • Concerns ventilation ducts, electric outlets, etc.

Starting at $100/hour (the number of hours will depend on the amount of work needed and will be defined along with the electrician during their first visit)


  • Must be installed correctly to avoid accidents (flooding, noisy pipes, water flow and pressure, etc.)
  • Has to be done by a professional

Starting at $100/hour (the number of hours will depend on the amount of work to be done)


  • Must be very resistant to humidity (vapour barrier)
  • Extensive choice in terms of materials

 Prices starting at: • Stone wool : $1/square foot/inch • PSE : $2.50/ square foot/inch • Cellulose : $0.85/ square foot/inch (needs to be very thick)


  • Must produce a good ventilation level for the kitchen.
  • Often, the kitchen hood is the main source of ventilation.
  • Different types of hoods: mural, suspended, downdraft, hidden under a counter, etc.
  • Different types of fans with varying force: centrifugal (quieter) or with blades.
  • Exterior air outlets are more efficient (coal filters are less efficient).

Anywhere from $50 to $1000


  • Must provide proper lighting for all surfaces and parts of the kitchen (sink, work surface, storage, etc.)
  • Different types of lighting (general, specific to one work surface, decorative).
  • Different options: manual settings or settings according the natural light, lamp post, on railings, encased, suspended, etc.

Starting at $10 per fixture

Organization system

  • Allows you to optimize the storage space inside cabinets and drawers.
  • Sliding bars, adjustable shelves, compartments, carousels, etc.

Starting at $10 per accessory


  • Meal space with tables and chairs, bar stools, office space, seating, etc.

According to the type of furniture


  • Refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, oven, microwave.
  • Vast array of models available, with varying prices.

According to the type of appliance

Accessories and home decor

  • Posters, mirrors, fruit bowls, decorative plates, kitchen accessories, etc.
  • Avoid using up too much space on the work surfaces.

Different prices for each accessory.

*Prices are indicative only and do not include labour or installation costs.

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