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Reno inspiration: 10 examples of ceramic floors

Reno inspiration: 10 examples of ceramic floors

Inspiration for your renovationsReno inspiration: 10 examples of ceramic floors

Ceramic is an easy to maintain, resistant and versatile floor covering. In North America, it’s generally used in damp rooms like kitchens, halls and bathrooms, but not so much in bedrooms and living rooms. Yet it’s a material that can adapt to all kinds of decors and environments.

Looking for ideas for a ceramic flooring project? We've scoured decorating ideas platforms like Pinterest to offer you some interesting examples.

10 ceramic floor models for every room of the home

1- A terracotta tile floor with an antique look

Photo: Arto

We start the list with an unconventional example in a classic setting. These tiles have a lovely orange tone and feature an original pattern that takes us back to the distant past. However, this type of flooring would suit a wide range of decors, from a rustic style to a more contemporary environment.

Similar models available for purchase:

In black: Wayfair

In orange: Tile Expert

2- A dark ceramic floor to add character to the kitchen

Kitchen ceramic floor

Photo: Erin Swift

These ceramic floor tiles create a beautiful visual balance in a white and gray tone kitchen. The matte finish is in harmony with other colours and textures, also adding a stunning, organic look to the room.

Similar model: La Tuilerie

3- Tiles in the shape of elongated hexagons for an original entrance floor

Foyer ceramic floor

Photo: Home Bunch

This ceramic tile has the same shape as in our first example, but the look achieved is quite different! The gray/brown tone is very versatile; it also makes it easier to keep this floor in good condition. Therefore, it’s a perfect choice in an entryway like this one, because this type of space is often exposed to dirt.

Similar model: Home Depot

4- A black and white bathroom with black hexagonal tiles

Black hexagon tiles bathroom

Photo: Hunker

Now, we move on to the bathroom. Here, we’re entitled to a two for one! In fact, the "metro" style wall tiles are ceramic, just like the hexagonal floor tiles as well as the small wall in the shower. We feel this is a very sophisticated and trendy look!

Similar model: Ceragres

5- A nice green ceramic floor in the bathroom

Green bathroom ceramic tile floor

Photo: Mad about the house

Here’s another example of a bathroom floor. Instead of placing the rectangular tiles in a classic way, in straight lines, the owners opted for a chevron pattern. This allows for an added dynamism in a rather minimalist decor. In addition, they opted for a very bright shade of green.

Similar model: Ceragres

6- A ceramic floor that goes up to the ceiling!

Photo: Martha Stewart Living

Time to take a look at some current trends! This hexagonal shape tile pattern, lined with a triangular formation, will not go unnoticed. This is further true if one decides to cover the floor, the wall and even part of the ceiling with it, as is the case here. It's a daring choice, but one thing is certain: you’ll have a unique and audacious space!

Similar model: La Tuilerie

7- Retro ceramic tiles installed in an entryway

Home entrance ceramic tile floor

Photo: Nesting with Grace

You don't need a large space to have a prominent visual impact! Here, the tiny entrance room has been enhanced by installing tiles with a lovely retro pattern.

Similar model: La Tuilerie

8- Simple and clean white tiles on the floor and walls

white tiles floor and wall

Photos: Paper and Stitch

In this example, we may notice the wooden slats and the bath before seeing the tiles on the walls and floor, and that's the goal! The owners opted for large format white tile with grout that is dark, but not too visible. This makes it effective at highlighting the combination of wood and various shades of white.

Similar model: Reno-Depot

9- A kitchen floor with a dynamic design

Photo: Sarah Joy Blog

Most of the time, ceramic tiles are used to distinguish the kitchen from other spaces in the house. However, we see here that the floor continues to the dining area. This creates a nice effect of continuity which is accentuated by glass surfaces, like that of the oven door. This floor is eye-catching and blends wonderfully with an eclectic decor as seen in this example.

Similar models: Home Depot

10- Rectangular ceramic tiles arranged in a wave pattern

Entrance floor ceramic tiles

Photo: Superink

Sometimes all it takes is a small change to add a touch of originality to a rather simple decor. Instead of placing the tiles in straight lines, we see here that the layout evokes the shape of waves. This adds a beautiful touch of nature inside the house.

Similar model: Centura

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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Table of contents

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