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10 examples of interior brick walls: Reno Inspiration

Last modified: 2022-06-15 | Approximate reading time 4 mins

Karine Dutemple

Interior brick walls are versatile and can easily be adapted to all types of home decors. Brick is a construction material and a decor element that has passed through the ages, so it does not seem out of place when combined with a classic decor or a modern layout.

We have already written several articles about interior brick walls, including:

In this article, we will present examples of brick walls to give you ideas for your own layouts.

10 examples of interior brick walls in different rooms of the house

1) Brick columns and arches for a European-like decor

ARches de briques _ brick arches

Photo: Amazon

These decorative arches add a lot of character to this space and also create an interesting division between inside the house and the doors that lead outdoors. The bricks fit well with the rest of the decor, which adopts a style that combines contemporary and rustic elements.

2) A classic artist's loft with brick walls and a warm decor

Loft d'artiste murs de briques_artist lof with brick walls

Photo: Curbed

Here is a rather typical, but still interesting example of the artist's loft in New York. Brick is often associated with this type of housing, as people who occupied these types of lofts in the 1960s and 1970s had reclaimed premises from old factories located in urban areas. In these buildings, brick was a material that was often used for interior and exterior walls.

Nowadays, these lofts are no longer necessarily occupied by edgy artists, because the trend of lofts has now reached the mainstream. However, eclectic decors like the one we see here are still unique, because each loft owner adds their own personal touch.

3) A living room with a large brick wall and elegant black shelves

Salon mur de briques avec étagères noires_brick wall living room with black shelves

Photo: Decoholic

The colour palette and the choice of materials in this living room create a chic decor where we'd like to settle down and read a good book! We still see elements influenced by the "urban loft" style, with the brick wall and pipes that are visible on the ceiling, but these elements combined with dark hues create a warm and welcoming room.

4) A brick wall in the bathroom

Mur de briques salle de bain_brick wall in bathroom

Photo: Evolution of Style

We seldom see brick walls in bathrooms. However, we have chosen to show you two examples in this article. Brick, especially real brick, is not the best wall covering material for humid spaces. However, if this material is used wisely, as is the case in this example, it is a very interesting option when trying to create a certain atmosphere.

In fact, having half brick walls, with another material at the bottom, simplifies maintenance and ensures better waterproofing.

5) An interior brick wall painted in dark grey

Mur de briques intérieur gris foncé noir_interior brick wall dark gray

Photo: Homes to love

Some people are outraged with the idea of painting bricks in a different colour. However, this practice makes it possible to adapt the brick wall to an even wider variety of home decors. In this example, shades of black and gray dominate the room, creating a very elegant atmosphere, worthy of the most prestigious decor magazines.

6) A brick wall in the basement

Mur de briques sous-sol_brick wall in basement

Photo: Houzz

Brick in a basement? Why not? This creates a warm, rustic feel in this comfortable family room! The owners have opted for a lighter shade, with shades of sand instead of the more common red or orange bricks. This shade goes well with the rest of the decor, where beige, off-white and pale pink are the main colour palette.

7) A brick wall in a classic bathroom

Mur de briques salle de bain_brick wall in bathroom

Photo: Ideal Home

Here is our second example of a brick wall in a bathroom. While it is true that brick is not ideal for simplifying the maintenance of walls and preventing water infiltration through porous bricks, this does not mean that this material is to be avoided completely!

On the other hand, it will be necessary to ensure that the brick is well sealed and maintained frequently in order to catch any early development of mould. An interesting alternative might be to install decorative brick that is old in full panels and is easier to clean.

8) A kitchen with a brick wall that serves as a backsplash

Mur de briques cuisines_brick wall in kitchen

Photo: Living etc. 

You may be surprised to have reached the 8th example on the list before finding a kitchen with a brick wall! This material is more common in this room, so we wanted to present other things before we went on to more obvious examples.

In this kitchen, the brick wall serves as a backsplash. Since the kitchen is not equipped with top cabinets, this backsplash adds an interesting visual character to the back wall, complementing the mix of lines, colours and textures found in the rest of the room.

9) A brick wall in a living room with high ceiling

Mur de briques salon loft_brick wall living room loft

Photo: Planète Déco

What could be prettier than a large brick living room wall? This material is a decorative element in itself and those who designed this decor have been able to highlight this wall by installing plants, picture frames and a shelf.

10) A modern kitchen with a white brick wall

Mur de briques blanc cuisine_kitchen with white brick wall

Crédit photo: Room porn

We end the list with another example where the brick wall was covered with paint. Here, it is the white that makes this room bright, while having these pretty lines and textured shapes that characterize the brick.

The wall spans over two floors and on the first one, there is a kitchen with a minimalist style. Once again, brick blends with wood to combine modern, rustic and eclectic styles, a mix that works wonderfully well!

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