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5 Décor Tips to Optimize the Space Available in a Small Bathroom


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5 Décor Tips to Optimize the Space Available in a Small Bathroom

Bathroom5 Décor Tips to Optimize the Space Available in a Small Bathroom

Albeit the bathroom is almost always the smallest room in a home, it isn’t any less important. With a bit of creativity and strategically devised tips, a small bathroom can be both functional and aesthetic. In this article, we’ll delve into the five decoration tips that can help you use the space in your small bathroom to your advantage without compromising comfort or design. These tips can help you design a practical and elegant bathroom. So, get ready to transform your small bathroom into a genuine interior décor masterpiece!

Maximize Wall Use for the Best Small Bathroom Décor

small bathroom decoration

Source: Canva

Wall Shelves

If you have a small bathroom, you already know how limited your floor space is. This renders the room’s layout and furniture setup much more difficult, especially with larger cabinets. The best way to optimize your space is to make the most of your walls by installing shelves. These wall shelves will have a dual purpose: decoration and storage. They can hold toiletries, towels, candles, or even house plants to add a hint of greenery. Furthermore, you can always treat yourself regarding materials and design: there’s a wide range of aesthetics, from rustic wood to industrial metal or elegant glass.

Mirror Cabinets

A mirror is a must-have in a bathroom; when space is limited, it can also serve as a storage space. Mirrors with built-in storage cabinets are a great and practical way to blend functionality and aesthetics. You can choose mirrors with small hidden storage compartments or shelves. That way, you can store all your toiletries, such as your toothbrushes, toothpaste, perfumes, and other beauty or skincare products. Some models even have drawers or panels for heightened discretion. Courtesy of said feature, you can forget about big linen cabinets that take up all of the floor space and maintain a minimalist aesthetic in your bathroom. 

To better optimize your wet room, you can also hire interior decorators. Their skills and expertise can make all the difference, going from a small, cluttered space to a serene and efficient wet room. 

Find Clever Storage Solutions to Create a Practical Décor

small bathroom decoration

Source: Canva

Storage Baskets and Containers

In small spaces, you really can’t hold back when it comes to multiplying clever storage solutions. If chosen wisely, they could bring an aesthetic touch to your interior décor. Woven baskets made with natural materials or unique and elegantly designed containers can transform your ordinary space into a pleasant and functional room. Based on your small bathroom’s style and personal preferences, you can, for example, choose wicker baskets that add a charming touch to the space as a whole. Additional storage can hold your clean towels, bath and shower products, and other items. 

Over-the-Door Organizer

An over-the-door organizer is a legitimate storage solution when figuring out the layout of a small room where every centimetre square matters. This item can be hung on the back of the door or linen cabinet door. To ensure the space you’re designing is cohesive, choose a material that will match or blend in with the style of your bathroom. Not only does an over-the-door organizer provide additional storage that can free up your counter space, but it can also transform an often overlooked corner into a truly and perfectly optimized space. Your towels and bathrobe will fit right in; no need to worry!

Choose a Sink Suited for a Small Bathroom Décor

small bathroom decoration

Source: Canva

Wall-Mounted Bathroom Vanities 

A wall-mounted vanity is an elegant and modern way to optimize a small bathroom. This type of sink benefits from being wall-mounted, meaning it frees up floor space. As such, you’ll be able to walk around more freely, making the room appear bigger. Furthermore, this type of sink will simplify your floor cleaning process and facilitate integrating a toilet and a linen closet. A wall-mounted vanity adds to a minimalist setting and is particularly appreciated in contemporary or Scandinavian-inspired décors. 

Small Vanities

Choosing a small bathroom sink vanity is a wise decision to optimize the space available. Unlike traditional vanities that may be bigger, small vanities are designed for tighter spaces but still provide enough storage space for all essentials. It often features drawers and shelves, allowing you to store your toiletries and towels meticulously without using much floor space. Furthermore, they’re often elegantly designed, giving off a sense of space. Moreover, small vanities are typically straightforward to install and adapted to various decorative styles.

Opt for Light Colours

small bathroom decoration

Source: Canva

Opting for light and soft colours is an essential decoration strategy to create the illusion of space in a small bathroom. Shades such as white, beige, or light grey reflect the natural light streaming in and any artificial light in the bathroom, thereby contributing to the airy and bright atmosphere. These colour options can be applied to walls, tiling, furniture, and accessories like towels and bath mats. Moreover, light colours create a neutral background, allowing you to use colourful or textured decorative elements without visually cluttering the space.

Wrap it Up with Strategically Placed Lighting

small bathroom decoration

Source: Canva

Strategically placed lighting can further solicit a space’s functionality and enhance its aesthetic appeal. Avoid adding too many task lights or strong lighting, which may create a lot of shadows. Instead, choose a good, soft source of light. A mirror with built-in lighting can work wonders in such a space. Also, consider wall scones or recessed lighting to light specific areas without taking up much floor or storage space. 

Turn Your Small Bathroom into an Optimal Space

Following our detailed decoration tips, you can maximize every square inch of your tiny bathroom. These creative tips and tricks are, first and foremost, to prove that with just a bit of thoughtful consideration and creativity, even the tiniest of spaces can be turned into a stylish, cozy oasis. As such, size shouldn’t be an obstacle when designing an elegant and practical bathroom that meets your daily needs while mirroring your style. 

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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