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10 renovation projects to transform your home

10 renovation projects to transform your home

Design and home decor10 renovation projects to transform your home

“Everywhere is good; at home, it’s better,” says a Czech proverb. Unfortunately, some readers may believe that this sentence doesn’t apply to them because their current abode doesn’t meet their needs. Luckily, apart from a few extreme cases where a home isn’t able to be restored, there are usually possible solutions to create a welcoming and comfortable interior that suits you perfectly.

Some renovations may be for aesthetic purposes, while others are practical. In either case, it’s important to prioritize any work that will help to meet the needs of home occupants in order to improve the quality of life of all.

So, if you feel the current state of your home doesn’t suit you, why not decide that your big project for 2020 will be to make transformations, to create a space that will make you believe “at home, it’s better.” In this article, we’ll present different examples of renovation projects, including options for all budgets.

Here are 10 home renovation projects for 2023!

1- Make your kitchen more ergonomic

Source: Canva

Neither too big or too small, we love the kitchen in the above image as it presents a nice balance in terms of layout. This kitchen has plenty of storage and an island that allows for shorter movements between various sections of the kitchen. Ergonomics is a characteristic that is too rarely taken into account when designing a kitchen. However, since this is one of the most used rooms of the home when designing this space, ergonomics should be a priority. 

For more information, check out our article on designing an ergonomic kitchen.


2- Transform the space by changing your wall covering

Source: Canva

One of the most accessible projects to transform your home is to change the wall covering. When discussing wall covering materials and techniques, most people will first think about paint, forgetting that there are plenty of other options. Paint is a versatile product while being relatively accessible in terms of how it is applied and is generally inexpensive. On the other hand, some may consider alternative options such as wallpaper, decorative panels, stone or wood, as in the example presented in the image above.

For more information, here are some articles to read about paint and wall coverings:

  • Paint and wall covering guide

  • Interior wall coverings: prices

  • The average price for house painting projects

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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