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10 Examples of Converted Attics

Last modified: 2022-09-19 | Approximate reading time 5 mins

Cynthia Pigeon

Suffice to say, converting an attic into a living space tends to be a split verdict type of endeavour. Some are indeed charmed by the sloping walls, small space, and dormers for windows, while others of wary of feeling claustrophobic or that the space will be too dark

We’ve extended our search in order to find examples of attics that have been converted to accommodate warm, inviting spaces. Although used as a storage space for the longest time or as a children’s room or as a maid’s quarter (mostly in very small apartments in big cities like Paris), the attic is now perceived as an integral part of a house and benefits from being converted. 

Are you looking for ideas to supplement your attic conversion project?

Here Are 10 Examples of Attics Transformed Into Pleasant Living Spaces 

1) Living room built within a unique attic space

attic living room_10 Examples of Converted Attics

Photo: Hunker

In this first example, we can already see a setup that's far from claustrophobic! The shape of the ceiling is highly unusual, as it isn't the usual A shape, but rather start-shaped. Moreover, choosing to install very light panels on the ceiling adds a lot of light to the room. Solely the floor is a dark shade, and most of the furniture and accessories are white, beige, or golden brown. 

2) Apartment built within an attic

attic apartment_10 Examples of Converted Attics

Photo: Apartment Therapy

Again, this is a far cry from the gloomy, creepy attic! The owners have highlighted the large window that allows sunlight to flood the room and have opted for white wood walls and ceiling panels. The decor is eclectic, with a subtle balance between retro pieces like the chairs, the brick, which adds a bit of an industrial twist, and the flooring, which is quite modern.

3) Attic family room

attic family room_10 Examples of Converted Attics

Photo: Nesting with Grace

Instead of setting up the family room in the basement, you could also consider the attic! Again, here the owners chose a light wall colour but the rest of the decor is more vibrant, creating a very dynamic setting.

4) Attic playroom 

attic playroom_10 Examples of Converted Attics

Photo: The Idea Room

In some houses, the attic is actually huge, yet knowing how to properly convert it into a useable space is tricky. If you’ve children, you can devote the space to a kid’s dream playroom! The kids will have plenty of space to run around, partake in a pillow fight here and there, and play around with a ball without the fear of breaking anything. It’s the ideal creative, free-spirited space! 

5) Attic boho-chic living room

attic boho-chic living room_10 Examples of Converted Attics

Photo: Home Interior Design

This room appears to have been designed within the attic of a home as the living room yet it doesn’t fill the entire space. The walls are high enough that one can easily add windows, a patio door even. The ceiling beams are a nice touch, adding a rustic flair to this space decorated with a mix of boho-chic and modern items.

6) Modern kitchen built in an attic

attic kitchen_10 Examples of Converted Attics

Photo: Decoist

Here’s an example of an attic converted into an apartment. This is a vast space, which one can fill with a few furniture pieces and little decorative knick-knacks. This allows you to create a rather minimalistic decor, without it being devoid of charm. There are a few interesting design elements like the wooden ceiling beams and the brick walls. 

It gives off the impression that the building’s structure is old yet that the owners wanted to mix modern and vintage vibes.

7) Attic loft with bedroom

attic loft_10 Examples of Converted Attics

Photo: PUFIK interiors

Here’s a lovely studio/loft apartment built within the attic of a building. The windows are embedded in the roof and are just big enough to make the space light and bright. As you can see, the space combines a living room as well as an area for a bed, which is found in the corner of the room, allowing for a little bit of privacy. 

8) Lovely kitchen under attic ceiling beams

small attic kitchen_10 Examples of Converted Attics

Photo: Amazon

We totally fell for this little kitchen built within a converted attic. The decor is calm, bright, and full of subtle touches, here and there, like unique light fixtures, red and orange tiles as the oven backsplash. At the risk of repeating ourselves, we can see, once again, that the colour palette is rather geared toward pale yet bright shades. In doing so, the kitchen isn't dark nor does it look too small. 

9) Attic home office

attic home office_10 Examples of Converted Attics

Photo: Bookbub

Nowadays, a lot of people work from home and need to set up an office in a room that isn’t always ideal or geared toward concentration or productivity. Are you having a hard time determining where to set up your home office?

Assuming you have access to a large enough attic to accommodate a room, why not turn it into a home office? It's a perfect place to get some peace and quiet! Besides, the decor is quite relaxing, with some very cozy decorative elements like the sheepskin, window seat, and beautiful carpet that adds a nice touch of colour.

10) Attic bathroom

attic bathroom_10 Examples of Converted Attics

Photo: The Spruce

Rounding out the list is a massive ensuite bathroom. This room is very spacious yet minimally decorated and looks nothing like a typical attic. The owners were able to put in some windows and created an open layout, highlighted by a mirror, making the room appear even bigger. 

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