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10 Attic Conversion Ideas

10 Attic Conversion Ideas

Interior renovations10 Attic Conversion Ideas

Suffice it to say, converting an attic into a living space tends to be a split verdict type of endeavour. Some are indeed charmed by the sloping walls, small space, and dormers for windows, while others are wary of feeling claustrophobic or worry that the space will be too dark

Although used as a storage space for the longest time or as a children’s room or as a maid’s quarter, the attic is now perceived as an integral part of a house and benefits from being converted. 

We’ve extended our search to find examples of attics that have been converted to accommodate warm, inviting spaces. 

10 Ways to Turn Your Attic Into a Living Space 

1) Living room with a unique ceiling

attic living room

Source: Canva

In this first example, we can already see a setup that's far from claustrophobic! The contrast between the dark-hued floor and the light-coloured ceiling, combined with the white walls, really brightens up the space. And, enough said about that A-shaped ceiling featuring beams on which one can hang a lighting fixture or something else (hammock, swing, plants, etc.). 

2) A leisurely space in the attic

attic apartment

Source: Canva

Again, this is a far cry from the gloomy, creepy attic! The owners have highlighted the big skylights that allow sunlight to flood the room. The décor is eclectic, with a subtle balance between retro pieces like the chairs, the yellow accent wall, which adds a bit of a twist, and the flooring, which is quite modern.

3) A multi-functional family room

attic family room

Source: Canva

Instead of setting up the family room in the basement, you could also consider the attic! Again, here the owners chose a light colour for the walls and sloping ceiling but the rest of the décor is more colourful and vibrant, creating a very dynamic setting. Why not set up a home office too?

4) A kids’ playroom and reading corner

attic kids' playroom

Source: Canva

In some houses, the attic is huge, yet knowing how to properly convert it into a usable space is tricky. If you have children, you can devote the space to a kids’ dream playroom! The kids will have plenty of space to run around, partake in a pillow fight here and there, and play around with a ball without the fear of breaking anything. On top of that, you can create a quiet little reading nook, much like a hideaway. It’s the ideal creative, free-spirited space! 

5) A guest bedroom

attic bedroom

Source: Canva

This relaxing space was designed in the attic and appears to be the ideal fit to welcome your friends and family during their stays. The room is intimate and simple, giving your guests a hotel-like feel. Once again, the skylight prevents the room from being stifled by sloping walls or the feeling of being tucked away in an attic.

6) Industrial-like loft built in an attic

boho-chic attic living room

Source: Canva

Here’s an example of an attic converted into a loft where all the focus is directed on a beautiful, slightly industrial modern kitchen. Albeit rather small, it remains highly functional. The entire layout is spacious and features limited furniture pieces and decorative knick-knacks. Since the entire wall is windows, one can only appreciate the “wow” factor and feel comfortable despite the dark colours scattered throughout the décor.

7) Attic studio apartment

attic loft

Source: Canva

Here’s a lovely studio/loft apartment built in a building’s attic. The windows are embedded in the roof and are just big enough to make the space light and bright. As you can see, the space combines a living room as well as a retro kitchen, making the space hyper-functional. 

8) A large kitchen tucked away under the attic’s ceiling

attic kitchen

Source: Canva

A fan favourite, this large kitchen is tucked away in the attic. The décor is calming, bright, and modern. At the risk of repeating ourselves, we once again note that the colour palette is predominantly pale and bright. The windows are even large enough to accommodate a few plants. As a result, this kitchen is a far cry from feeling cramped inside an attic.

9) A private home office

attic office

Source: Canva

Nowadays, a lot of people work from home and have to design an office in a room that wasn't originally intended for it. Often, it's just not quite right. If you're struggling to find an ideal place to boost productivity and mental clarity, consider the attic! It's the perfect place for peace and quiet! Note that the décor here is quite relaxing and offers plenty of storage space.

10) A bathroom in the attic

attic bathroom

Source: Canva

Rounding out the list is a massive and trendy ensuite bathroom. If your family is growing, and you’re in desperate need of an additional bathroom to avoid any sort of tardiness in the morning, the attic is the ideal solution. Especially if the lower-level space doesn't allow it. Or perhaps you need a place to unwind, away from the chaos of everyday life? If so, the attic is your answer, where you can soak in a hot bath and stargaze.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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