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10 unique kitchens and dining rooms seen in movies and tv shows

Last modified: 2022-08-01 | Approximate reading time 5 mins

Christine Simard

Your kitchen and dining room are places for gatherings and festivities. Whether with family or with your partner, whether your kitchen is small or large, you need to have a space that is both practical and efficient in order to give you the possibility to prepare all your meals.

However, being organized doesn't have to mean a lack of style. In movies and tv shows, there are plenty of good ideas for inspiration created by talented designers. In many of these cases, it is easy to recreate these decors with your own personal twist. Here are some tv shows and movies to spike your creativity.

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10 unique kitchens and dining rooms as seen in movies and tv shows

1. The vintage kitchen and dining room from Dollface

After moving into her newly rented house, Jules leaves its rustic and vintage charm untouched. The old owner being an elderly woman, the place has a mix of antique furniture and wallpaper in the dining room, as well as a touch of pastel tones in the kitchen. The candlesticks and various lamps create a warm and diffused lighting through the different rooms.

Cuisine télésérie Dollface 1 kitchen

Cuisine télésérie Dollface 2 kitchen

Source: Hulu

2. The charming rustic Italian kitchen in Call me by your name

Without a doubt, the Italian villa's kitchen in Call me by your name deserves a special spot on this list. Already mentioned in our article on 10 films to inspire your interior decor, the rustic farmhouse style of the room will charm more than one.

If you're lacking storage space in your current kitchen, you can also get inspired by the ideas used in this kitchen like the hanging pans or the knife magnet. In addition to being able to see all the elements of your kitchen easily, this arrangement allows any aspiring cook to enjoy a practical kitchen with its double sink and the multitude of surfaces available.

Cuisine film call me by your name kitchen

Source: Elle decor

3. Jane and Michael's retro-inspired kitchen in Jane the virgin

Jane and Michael's house has an authentic retro vibe to it. With the pastel colours like mint and soft yellow, paired with a backsplash of a similar colour, the kitchen fits perfectly. The appliances and furniture looking like they're straight out of the 50s work perfectly with these tones and complement the look.

Cuisine Jane the virgin kitchen

Cuisine salle à manger jane the virgin kitchen

Source: ImdB

4. The vibrant and colourful kitchen of Ugly Betty

More on the kitsch side, Betty's kitchen is as colourful as her character. The yellow wallpaper with green and orange flowers, the red ruffled curtain panels and the green fridge all mix in oddly well into this flamboyant kitchen decor. The mismatched tiles complete this unique decor!

Cuisine ugly betty kitchen

Source: Elle decor

5. The heart of the 60s in Mad Men

This TV decor has wowed more than one person with its mid-century style. The Drapers' house is the perfect American dream cliché and their kitchen, although small, is not only welcoming but has everything accessible to make meal preparation time easier. The curved island, the strong presence of wood as well as the sober wallpaper give the Drapers' kitchen this characteristic look of the upper-middle class houses of the 1960s.

Cuisine série mad men kitchen

6. A majestic decor in Dickinson

A modern twist for a Victorian icon, the Dickinson series revisits the life of American poet Emily Dickinson with a contemporary eye. Despite being set in a different time period, the home is designed to reflect the beauty of the Victorian era and its style. The dining room, embellished with frescos, velvet curtains, golden accents and dark wood furniture, is to die for. Dark wooden furniture and chandeliers add a touch of royalty to this dining room!

salle à manger série Dickinson

Source: architecturaldigest

7. The modern loft kitchen in New Girl

The 5 roommates' loft kitchen in New Girl is modern and minimalist. The metallic island serving both as a table and as counter space offers extra storage, in addition to the open shelving on the wall. The opening of this kitchen is typical of the loft aesthetic with high ceilings and limited partitions.

cuisine série new girl kitchen

Source: Elle decor

8. The southern charm of the kitchens in The Help

The houses that are seen in The Help, a story set during the 1950s in the south of the United States, offer many decors ranging from the charm of the 1930s to 1950s retro style. Each of the kitchens presents a unique style that seems frozen in time by an aesthetic belonging to its time and reproduced wonderfully in this context.

Cuisine dans The Help kitchen

Cuisine dans The Help kitchen

Source: Hookedonhouses

9. The perfect cliché kitchen in That 70s Show

Even though they spend most of their time in the basement, Eric and his friends often find themselves in his parents' kitchen, which is a perfect image of the design of that era. Patterned tiles and a brown fridge, leather stools and hints of green; this kitchen is perfect to feed anyone's nostalgia for 70s style. The raised chairs at the bar counter as well as the overexposure of the open cabinets give this kitchen the appeal sought in this series.

décor cuisine that 70s show kitchen decor

Source: ImdB

10. The dream kitchen in Addicted To Love

In another loft, one of the protagonists' kitchens in Addicted To Love seems like it is made for Pinterest dreams. For lovers of wood, open shelving and of the farmhouse look, you will find your inspiration in this SoHo loft.

cuisine addicted to love kitchen

Source: Roman and Williams

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