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5 Factors That Affect the Price of a Kitchen Renovation Project


4 min read

5 Factors That Affect the Price of a Kitchen Renovation Project

Kitchen5 Factors That Affect the Price of a Kitchen Renovation Project

Planning to renovate your kitchen? One of the main aspects to take into consideration is the budget. It's hard to predict how much a kitchen renovation project will cost before having carried out a full evaluation of the work to be done. 

However, certain factors can impact the price. presents the different elements that can have an impact on the total amount you will be spending. 

Cuisine beige avec tuiles_beige kitchen with tiles

1. The nature of the work

The nature of the work you wish to undertake will impact the total price of your kitchen renovation project. If, for example, you decide to change your sink or to install a brand new quartz countertop, these options will cost a lot more than repainting the room or changing the doorknobs.

Any task that requires extra time and expertise will increase the final bill.  When planning out your budget, you will have to take this aspect into account. If you realize that you don’t have enough money, you may have to make a few strategic choices.

Need help calculating your kitchen renovation budget? Check out the following article: How to calculate a realistic renovation budget?

2. The scale of the project

The project’s scale is another factor that will majorly impact the cost of a kitchen renovation project. Each kitchen is different and with that, each renovation project. You could decide to renovate the whole floor, or you could concentrate on renovating certain sections. You could replace the countertop and add a new kitchen island.

In other words, the bigger the kitchen and the more things there are to change, the more expensive it will be to make any changes. To avoid any bad surprises, try to be very specific about all the different elements and their respective prices when preparing your budget.

Cuisine lumineuse_bright kitchen

3. Design choices for the kitchen

Making changes in terms of design will strongly influence the amount of money you will spend on your renovation project. Whether you’re installing a kitchen island or removing a wall to put the kitchen and the dining room together, changing the design of the room will be much more expensive than keeping the old one and working with what you already have.

You could also hire a designer to create the plans and work alongside the contractor to oversee the project from start to finish. However, this service is another added expense and you’ll have to be sure that you can afford it.

Looking for design ideas for your kitchen? Check out our article "10 Examples of Kitchen Renovation Projects" for examples of projects carried out by contractors.

Comptoir marbre_marble countertop

4. Construction material choices

If you want to stay within your budget whilst building the kitchen of your dreams, you’ll have to be mindful of the types of materials you choose. For example, quartz countertops and mosaic backsplashes are pretty but they will drive up the bill.

Other options, like ceramic tiles for floors and walls, or stratified countertops for countertops, are much more affordable. Take the time to shop around and choose the materials that please both you and your wallet.

Here are a few articles that could be useful when choosing furniture and materials for your new kitchen: 

5. Labour costs for kitchen renovations

Labour costs are a major factor that affects the price of a renovation project. If you decide to do the work yourself, you could save a lot of money. With minimal manual skills, you can change cabinets and paint the walls yourself. However, certain tasks like electricity and plumbing have to be done by a professional.

In all cases, if you hire a contractor and qualified workers to complete the job, results are guaranteed. Even though the price will initially be more expensive than if you had done it yourself, the quality of the work will be better. If you install your floor coverings and make a mistake in the process, any money you had saved on labour costs will be spent fixing the problem. Think about which option is best for you and plan out a detailed budget.

Would you like to get an idea of the cost of your kitchen renovation project? Try our cost calculator to get a preview of the total amount you will have to budget for this type of project. Click here to try our kitchen renovation cost estimator.

Click here to discover our kitchen renovation checklist.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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