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20 examples of interior door models

Last modified: 2022-08-03 | Approximate reading time 7 mins

Karine Dutemple

Most of the time, the aesthetic appearance of interior doors is not a priority in terms of design and home decor. However, once we decide to dwell on it, we realize that there is a range of choices available on the market.

Colours, materials, finishes, openings, shapes...

There is something to satisfy all tastes and needs. For example, if you want the light to pass through between rooms, perhaps a "French door" model will suit you better. Alternatively, you can always opt for a more classic door, but with an accent colour that goes well with the decor!

Here are 20 examples of interior door models to give you decorative ideas!

1) A hidden door behind a giant painting

Door hidden behind frame

Photo: Buzz buzz home

We start this list with a rather whimsical door model! Hidden paintings aren't only found in storybooks!  This door is covered with a huge frame which, when the door is closed, blends perfectly into the art gallery wall.

Behind the door, it looks like there is a room with a subdued and warm atmosphere. One imagines that the owners only invite a few hand-picked friends to enter this secret room.

This type of door must be custom-made.

2) Rounded glass doors

Portes vitrées arrondies

Photo: Claire Heffer

Instead of having the traditional rectangular French doors, what we've got here is some pretty rounded glass doors. It's charming and classic without looking dull! These doors could be adapted to different types of decors, from rustic styles to more contemporary designs.

This type of door must be custom-made.

3) An interior wooden door painted blue

Porte bleue

Photo: Craftivity Designs

Why not opt for a very striking colour to add a beautiful focal point to your decor? This rustic door is much more memorable when covered in this charming blue/green hue.

Similar model (to be painted)

Jeld Wen

Wood door to be painted

4) Glass doors with black frame

Porte vitrée

Photo: Door superstore

Here we return to a more classic style of glass door. However, this model is very trendy, with its black frames that create a beautiful contrast in a contemporary style decor. These doors are versatile and create a beautiful transition between the two pieces.

This type of door must be custom-made.

5) A white interior door

porte intérieure blanche

Photo: Home bunch

Here is one of the most typical models we've featured on this list. It is a simple, solid white door with a small moulding that forms a rectangle in the centre. This type of door works with almost all types of sets, so you're not wrong in choosing this model!

Similar model

Home Depot

White interior door with frame

6) A sliding barn door with an original pattern

Porte coulissante

Photo: Manhattan nest

We're back to a more classic door, this time in black! This sophisticated hue will create an aesthetically timeless design.

To recreate this style, take any wood barn door with a flat surface and stick wood slats on it. You can have them cut in-store.

7) A black interior door with mouldings

Black door

Photo: Manhattan nest

We're back to a more classic type of door, this time in black! This sophisticated hue is perfect when looking to create a layout and decor that are timeless.

Black door model

If you wish to recreate the look of the door above, you can probably buy a white or wood door and paint it black. 

If you enjoy the look of a black door, here is a model you might consider:


Black interior door

8) A pink inner door with a gold pearl motif

Porte rose

Photo: Martha Stewart

Here's another bolder door model. First, there is the choice of colour that strikes at first glance, an ash pink that blends well with a soft and slightly retro decor. Then, it is the choice of pattern, created with gold beads, that makes this door stand out!

This type of door must be custom-made.

9) A modern interior door made of pale wood

Porte en bois

Photo: Planète Déco

This pretty wooden door evokes a very Zen style, like a door that would lead to a Japanese sento (bath). However, this door with its simple, uncluttered design could fit into any part of the house!

Similar model


Wood door

10) A dark double door with a semi-glossy finish

Portes noires

Photo: Scout and nimble

We end with a door that has a slightly glossy black finish. At first glance, it looks a lot like a front door, but this type of door could very well fit into any other part of the house! If you like a more prestigious decor, this model could be a good option.

Similar model


Modèle de porte

11) A shaker-style door

interior door pinterest
Source: Pinterest (

This pretty shaker-style interior door has a discreet and modern charm to it. Although some opt for a model with glazed sections, this one is rather opaque. This choice offers all the privacy required to rest while being out of sight.

Similar model: Wayfair

Shaker style door

12) A light wood door

Light wood door

Photo: overstock

Similar model: Wayfair

Wood door

13) An interior door with a classic look

double door with classic look
Source: Pinterest (

This double door is certainly classic in style, but none the less quite sophisticated. Although its design focuses on simplicity, great care has been applied to the aesthetic details that are there. What is more, the blue and gray shades blend in perfectly with its more conventional design.

14) A sliding door installed on a railing system

Sliding door on rail
Source: Pinterest (

While interior doors can divide rooms and provide bedrooms with all the privacy they need, they are also very useful for concealing certain sections of the house such as the laundry room. Sliding doors are particularly useful for this purpose, but also because of their opening which does not take up any available space.

Similar model: Wayfair

Double door on railing

15) A sliding door with a transom window

interior door with transom window

Source: Pinterest (

This double sliding door is disarmingly simple. Taking advantage of an opening device hidden inside the frame, it displays a sleek design.

Note that the fanlight located in the upper part will be of great use to bring more light into the room while preserving the privacy provided by the opacity of the door.

16) Double glass doors

Double french door
Source: Pinterest (

These interior doors remind us of those that can be seen in country houses. The magnificent glass panels let in a large amount of natural light, which avoids the complete partitioning of the two adjacent rooms. The gold-coloured door handle brings a very pretty touch of sparkle, especially since this shade fits better with doors of this style than stainless steel or metallic gray.
Similar model: Home Hardware

Double glass door

17) Wood interior door with three panels

Dark wood door
Source: Pinterest (

This dark wood interior door is unquestionably charming! The choice of a dark shade certainly brings a lot of richness and warmth to the design. Note the beauty of the arched panels and the border that frames them. Visually, the contrast between the white moulding and the dark shade of the door is also magnificent.

18) Shaker-style interior door with 4 panels

White door
Source: Pinterest (

This shaker style door is very similar to the first one featured in this article. However, it has four panels, which gives a completely different look. It looks more architectural and detailed, which goes well with the framing and panelling on the walls nearby. Once again, this clean style will appeal to those who prefer simplicity.

Similar model: Réno-Dépôt or Lowes

Shaker door

19) A rustic-looking barn door

white wood barn door
Source: Pinterest (

This barn door with wooden slats is a reminder that the rustic style can very well be integrated into a more modern and therefore, more current decor. When painted white, this door takes on a whole new look. What we've got here is a revisited design that does not renounce the charm of the past!

Similar model: Wayfair

White wood barn door

20) An interior door with glass windows for maximum lighting

Glass door
Source: Pinterest (

What could be better than a glass interior door to let a lot of light in, without giving up privacy? For those who want the best of both worlds, this is definitely the best option.
Similar model: Home Depot

White glass panel door

Collaboration between Léa Plourde-Archer and Karine Dutemple

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