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8 TV Shows to Inspire Your Interior Decor

8 TV Shows to Inspire Your Interior Decor

Design and home decor 8 TV Shows to Inspire Your Interior Decor

With platforms like Netflix and Crave TV,  it’s easy to enjoy your favourite shows from the comfort of your own living room. By watching episode after episode, you’ll surely begin to notice that many of your favourite characters live in dream settings, whether this means a house or an apartment. 

Although this might seem impossible, it’s easy to draw inspiration from the different styles represented on a multitude of television series, regardless of the period they’re set in. On a set, multiple designers are working to create perfect results for the screen. Here are 8 programs you can use as inspiration for your interior decorating.

8 TV shows to inspire your interior decor

1- Mad Men

Set in the 1960s, Don Draper and his wife Megan’s apartment is a dream for lovers of mid-century style. Neutral tones are paired with vibrant accent colours, and these are accompanied by geometric and dark furniture, which can easily be incorporated into more modern decor

mad men decor_ 8 TV Shows to Inspire Your Interior Decor

2- Three’s company

As a sitcom based in the 1970s, the Three’s Company set is the perfect image of the nostalgia of that era. With plants as far as the eye can see and colourful patterns as an arrangement, this jovial and lively decor is perfect for those who want a boost of energy in their home.

Three's company decor_ 8 TV Shows to Inspire Your Interior Decor

3- Friends

With classic features of the 90s, Friends paints a typical portrait of young adults living in New York. Composed of mismatched furniture, like those picked up on the street or purchased second-hand, Monica and Rachel’s apartment is vibrant, and doesn’t lack an ounce of personality. Let this be an inspiration to colour lovers!

friends decor_ 8 TV Shows to Inspire Your Interior Decor

4- Gilmore Girls 

The relationship between mother and daughter is the prominent feature of this series, and their hectic yet casual lifestyle if greatly reflected in their home. This modest and warm look, which draws towards eclectic, gives the house its unique style. One can see Lorelai’s style reflected in the rooms of her hotel, a personal project which takes effect over the course of many seasons. 

gilmore girls decor_ 8 TV Shows to Inspire Your Interior Decor

5- Charmed

In a more dated look, the Halliwell sisters’ house in Charmed is a timeless gem. Flowery wallpaper, embroidered couches, rugs and old paintings on the walls, all highlight the Woodwork of this Victorian wonder.

Charmed tv show decor_ 8 TV Shows to Inspire Your Interior Decor

6- New Girl

On the modern side, Jess and her 3 roommates live stylishly in their big Los Angeles loft. Although they’re 4 young adults with varying professions and lifestyles, they are able to divide and decorate this vast space without overloading it. The combination of two stylish characters, Schmidt and Jess, offers it a unique decor that lives between the modern and colourful. 

new girl tv show decor_ 8 TV Shows to Inspire Your Interior Decor

7- Forever

Centred around a story about a young couple living in the afterlife, the house which Jane and Oscar share is another example of a dream for fans of mid-century decor. Kitsch and minimalism blend with neutral tones, creating a chic and balanced interior. 

forever tv show decor_ 8 TV Shows to Inspire Your Interior Decor

8- Sabrina the Teenage Witch

In addition to being the favourite witch of a whole generation, Sabrina’s bedroom was a dream room for many 90’s teens. There was a vibrant and magical look about this space, where boho meets esotericism. A four-poster bed, stars and wood accents come to mind.

sabrina the teenage witch decor_ 8 TV Shows to Inspire Your Interior Decor

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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