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8 Halloween Decoration Ideas for Your Home

8 Halloween Decoration Ideas for Your Home

Design and home decor8 Halloween Decoration Ideas for Your Home

It’s sweater weather, the temperature has taken a turn for the crisp, and the leaves are changing. That's right, it’s about time to start thinking about your Halloween decorations. 

It’s the perfect time to completely transform your home with the plethora of options available for both outdoor and indoor decorations. A wide range of decorations is available in-store, tailored to all budgets, which you can reuse, year after year. You can also head the DIY route and handmake your own decorations. 

Decoration Ideas to Transform Your Home for Halloween


Source: Canva

1. Buy or pick a variety of pumpkins

Maybe your Halloween decorating style isn’t so much on the dark and spooky side, but rather more autumnal, warm, and colourful. In that case, pumpkins are a timeless classic. 

Grocery stores and markets are now selling more pumpkin varieties than you know what to do with, which is an obvious reminder that Halloween is around the corner. Here, you can definitely opt for a range of different pumpkins, of mismatched sizes and shapes, as well as a variety of gourds. 

Make the most out of this festive day to plan a family activity or one amongst friends to carve a few pumpkins. Regardless of whether they’re well done, scary, or awkwardly whimsical, simply add an LED tea light inside your carved pumpkins, and there you have it!

Also, consider enhancing your décor with a few other classics like hay bales, piles of leaves, branches, etc. 

2. Get yourself some skeletons to hang


Source: Canva

Another classic in the realm of Halloween-esque decorations is plastic skeletons. Whether you choose to only feature human skeletons or include a few animal skeletons, they can definitely add a bit of a whimsical feature to your front yard since they can really be displayed tailored to your fancy, while also playing off the silly nature of plastic skeletons.

Hang them on your front porch, trees, or windows. You might also decide to give your plastic skeletons a more realistic look by decking them out in clothing and accessories.

3. Go for spooky accessories

If you’d rather play off Halloween’s spooky vibe, consider tombstones, zombies, ill-omen birds, and cheesecloth ghosts. 

Spread out life-size tombstones around your yard, or build a little makeshift graveyard. Randomly position hands sticking out of the ground to create a real-life zombie-like experience. Scatter ravens around your front yard, on your front door steps, trees, and windows—the more there are, the more eerie it’ll look!

4. Make giant spider webs


Source: Canva

Much like with pumpkins, spider webs are a Halloween staple. There are so many different types of spider webs sold in-store, like the cotton/artificial fibre ones that you just sort of stretch out and stick here and there. The advantage of using this sort of decoration is that they don’t need to be perfectly executed to be realistic. In fact, the more they appear to be randomly positioned, the more it’ll make your house look desolate, unkept…haunted. 

However, another option would be to DIY your own spider webs with strings/threads or white wool, wooden dowels or dead branches. With this crafty option, play off your creative side and opt for larger-than-life spider webs. You may also want to make or purchase giant hairy spiders to hang near your porch, for an eerie-looking front yard. 

5. Decorate your front door

Draw inspiration from the famous Christmas wreath tradition, greeting your guests during the holidays, and give it a good Halloween grim twist. Make your own Halloween wreath to hang on your front door. Mix in a few snakes, bats, and other critters.  

To that end, you’ll need to get a few readily available accessories in-store as well as a hot glue gun to subtly secure the critters to your festive wreath. No need to look for same-colour toys and figurines; instead, get what’s available in-store and spray paint them to achieve a more intentional, uniform look.

6. Take cues from your favourite Halloween movies for your DIY crafts


Source: Canva

Got any favourite spooky season movies? A unique way to decorate your home is to draw inspiration from those movies by recreating the characters or movie scenes. No need to spend tons; you can find accessories, clothing, and shoes in thrift shops or second-hand boutiques. 

Recreate the likes of Beetlejuice, Hocus Pocus, or The Nightmare Before Christmas. Just like pumpkin carving, recreating scenes or characters from animated movies is the perfect family or group activity. 

Don’t overcomplicate things, focus on cutouts and silhouettes. You’ll need big pieces of cardboard, maybe a bit of spray or liquid paint, scissors, and tape. Unleash your creativity and DIY your decorative cardboard cutouts. 

Position the cardboard cutouts up against your windows and put a few lamps right behind them. Change the lighting with colourful, green, orange, red, or purple bulbs to make your cutouts even more eerie looking.

7. Consider your lighting options for a gloomy look

Don’t overlook lighting! All well-done Halloween-inspired ambience has to have on-point, creative lighting. It’s a key factor—it’ll give the front side of your home the sought-after spooky look. You can find a ton of affordable options in-store.

Coloured light bulbs, string lights, Jack-o’-lanterns, or special effects lights, like a strobe, are also great ways to enhance your home and give it that nice final touch. Set up your lighting outside, in your entryway, and near street-facing windows. 

8. Design a table centrepiece to complete your décor


Source: Canva

Why not use empty wine bottles as a makeshift table centrepiece? It’s a great and easy way to create a more old-fashioned spooky look. A classic when it comes to upcycling wine bottles is to place a candle stick in the tapered part of the bottle’s neck and allow the wax to drip on its sides. It’s super easy and gets the job done. It’ll literally take you less than five minutes to make. Opt for white candles or red wax candles for a blood-drip-like aesthetic for a spookier look. 

You can also use decorative golden pumpkins to add a festive touch to your tablescape. If you prefer to stick with a spooky aesthetic, go for skulls, skeletons, and pumpkins instead to create a super trendy monochromatic décor. For a pop of colour, you can use orange or black flowers. Lastly, if you’re looking to make something that’s safer and simpler, you can opt for bat- or ghost-like centrepieces. 

This is but a mere glimpse of what can be done. Now, let your creative mind take over. If there’s a holiday that appeals equally to all age groups, it’s got to be All Hallow’s Eve! Grown-ups eagerly await this celebration to showcase their quirky, eccentric side by way of their costumes or through their home and front yard decorations. 

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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