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Bathroom Floors: 10 examples

Last modified: 2022-06-15 | Approximate reading time 6 mins

Are you looking to replace your bathroom floors soon? Initially, it can be difficult to choose from the various styles and materials available. To help you make a decision, here’s an overview of the available options!

10 examples of bathroom floors: materials, colours and designs

1- A stone floor 

salle de bain moderne_modern bathroom

Stone flooring is certainly a beautiful asset for a modern bathroom. While some may find it too cold, others are delighted by the sophistication it offers. Whether you choose granite, marble or slate, it’s hard to be disappointed with such undeniable elegance!

However, if you do decide to go for a stone floor, we should mention that it can get quite expensive. In return, you’ll enjoy a floor that is easy to clean and that won’t deteriorate over time. Afraid of the potential for falls and slips on this smooth floor? You could then decide to choose a tile with a textured finish or a waterjet-treated option.

Do you have a small bathroom? Install large tiles to visually enlarge the room!

Similar model : Ceragres
Plancher uni ciment gris

2- Wood flooring for your bathroom? Why not!

plancher en bois_Soumission Rénovation_wood floor

While the idea of ​​choosing wood cladding for your bathroom may seem surprising, it’s a decision that can pay off in the long run. Can you install any type of wood? Not really. We’d like to note that engineered wood would be an excellent choice for a bathroom. Why is that? Quite simply, engineered wood has a plywood base, which provides effective protection against moisture.

If you prefer to install hardwood, this is also possible. To do this, it’s best to implement a "boat deck" style installation. In short, this requires placing wooden slats directly on the floor and then inserting polyurethane joints between each of them.

A joint should also run along the perimeter of the room to avoid problems relating to contraction and expansion of the wood. Does the magnitude of this task seem daunting? Note that there are slats already fitted with joints, so this will make the job a lot easier!

Similar model: Lowes
PLancher céramique bois

3- A mosaic floor

salle de bain bleue et blanche_Soumission Rénovation_blue and white bathroom floor

If there’s one type of floor design that we enjoy looking at, it’s a mosaic floor. This option will delight the most creative among us! If we immediately think of square tiles, remember that hexagonal tiles can also have an impressive effect. Moreover, whether you choose one or the other, the colour scheme possibilities are endless. With this in mind, let's remember that black and white is a classic duo that can easily be adapted to current trends.

Are you interested in a more colourful floor? Let your imagination run wild and don't hesitate to make a bold choice by going for yellow, blue or red tiles! Remember that a mosaic floor with very small tiles is a stunning option, although this installation usually requires the expertise of a professional. How do you feel about reflective surfaces? You may consider installing glossy tiles. This choice, both unique and original, will leave everyone convinced!

Similar model: Home Depot
PLancher en céramique bleuPlancher en céramique blanc

4- Speckled tiles?

revêtement de plancher picoté_Soumission Rénovation_terrazo floor bathroom

When we think of all the tile pattern options for our bathroom floor, these types of designs are rarely those that first come to mind. Yet, this pattern on white tiles gives a look that is both light and less overwhelming than with a more defined pattern.

While many of us may remember the speckled tiles that adorned the floors of our elementary school, it may be surprising to see this style being reborn after so many years! Still, this is a nice way to go against the standard geometric patterns that usually predominate.

Similar model: Tile Expert
Plancher en terrazzo

5- A floor that continues up the wall

salle de bain bleue et blanche_Soumission Rénovation_blue and white bathroom

The main advantage of reusing your floor covering on one of the bathroom walls is to create an impression of decor continuity. Moreover, it will reinforce this impression of cohesion and harmony by evoking the geometric tiles as they are presented alongside other decorative elements in the room.

Similar model (wall): Overstock
Tuiles murales bleu

Similar models (floor) : La Tuilerie (1) et La Tuilerie (2)

Plancher avec motif rondsPlancher avec motif ronds bleus

6- A green floor with a tropical look

salle de bain verte_Soumission Rénovation_green bathroom


When it comes to the most common tile patterns and shapes, we often think of squares, rectangles or circles. Still, the options available are much broader and can help create a one-of-a-kind decor. As shown in the following image, the shape of the tiles themselves is a magnificent nod to plant life and vegetation.

To avoid overloading the decor, the rest of the room is furnished with discrete elements, but always in response to the main theme. This room leaves an impression of elegance and minimalism, which testifies to a beautiful balance between the different facets of this unique decor.

Similar model: Wayfair
Tuiles hexagonales vertes

7- A flowery floor for a touch of lightness

plancher fleuri_Soumission Rénovation_flowery bathroom floor


Flowers naturally inspire a feeling of lightness and happiness in those who get to gaze upon them. However, putting them on your floor is a step that few may take. However, their harmonious shapes create a look that is imbued with finesse to the room and does not fail to catch the eye. In the decor below, the tiles themselves are enough to dress the room and make it so exuberant decor elements become unnecessary.

In need of ideas for the layout of your bathroom? See our article Reno inspiration: 10 examples of family bathrooms.

Similar model : Ceragres
Tuile avec motif floral noir et blanc

8- A 3D effect that creates volume

This example is among the most unique ideas featured in this list, as it aims to create a 3D effect on the ground. The result is striking and comes to life through the use of square tiles. This avoids tiles with irregular shapes, the installation of which is a technical challenge for novices who aren’t used to laying tiles.

Similar model: Zazzle
Tuiles cube 3d

9- A bathroom floor made up of hexagonal tiles

plancher de salle de bain_Soumission Rénovation_bathroom flooring

Crédit: Pinterest (

While installing a hexagonal tile floor requires a certain skill set, the result is always magnificent. Also, it seems that the singular shape of the tile floor stands out more when it acts as a contrast to the more conventional tiles on the wall.

In this case, the idea of ​​contrast is also manifested by the use of a dark and a light colour. The beauty of this decor lies in its simplicity, a space you’re unlikely to get bored of.

Exact model: Mercury Mosaics

Tuiles hexagonales bleu (petites)

10- Different tiles for the bathroom floor

plancher de salle de bain_Soumission Rénovation

We rarely see floors covered in various tiles. From the outset, we could believe that the whole look will give the impression of being disorganized. However, if the selected tiles have similar looks, the effect will be more similar to that of a quilt. This is sure to attract attention!

Similar model: Tile Expert

Tuiles avec motifs variés

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