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5 Bathroom Storage Ideas


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5 Bathroom Storage Ideas

Bathroom5 Bathroom Storage Ideas

It shouldn’t be surprising that the bathroom is almost always the smallest space in the home. Even if you’ve been blessed with a big bathroom, this room needs to accompany plenty of competing features.

Between the necessities such as the sink, shower, and toilet, where does one put all the accessories and products to carry out morning and nighttime routines? Bathroom design and layout are fundamental to the functionality of the space; so what are the best storage solutions?

Finding practical storage solutions for your bathroom can initially be tricky. But with a little bit of time, effort and creativity; it’s a lot easier than you think. We’re here to offer our best-kept secrets when it comes to bathroom storage solutions.

5 storage ideas for your bathroom

salle de bain_5 idées de rangement pour la salle de bain_Soumission Rénovation

1- Add a rollable cart or trolly

For many bathrooms, the number one issue is a lack of space to place shelving units. Older bathrooms may have been donned with antiquated and bulky pieces, but in today’s modern bathroom, we’re looking for neat, simple and uncomplicated options.  If you’re working with a stand-alone sink and no shelving underneath, you might consider a rollable cart or trolly for your bathroom. Find one that’s just the right size to place between your shower and sink, or even behind the door.

The beauty of this style of unit is that it can be rolled out of the way if necessary, whether that means for cleaning purposes or to free up space for a few days. Your rollable shelving unit can hold just about anything, and this includes but isn’t limited to bottles, products, extra towels, toiletries and so forth. Ultimately, find something that works for your space while remaining consistent with your decor choices.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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