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How to Create An Opening in a Load Bearing Wall

Last modified: 2017/09/05 | 2 mins

Load bearing walls are essential parts of the structure in a house and should not be removed or modified without taking proper precautions. has a few pieces of essential advice before you undertake this type of renovation project.

How to recognize a load bearing wall:

Working on a load bearing wall doesn't imply the same risks as a standard partition does. Before you start making any concrete walls, you will need to identify which type of wall you are working with. Load bearing walls aren't always easy to recognize with the naked eye.

Here are a few hints that will help you tell if the wall is load bearing or not:

The thickness of the wall: A load bearing wall will be thicker than a regular wall (at least 15cm).

The sound the wall makes: A few gentle knocks on the wall will help you tell if the wall is load bearing or not. If the sound is hollow, chances are you have yourself a standard wall.

Hire a professional contractor

Contrary to what many people believe, load bearing walls can be modified and even removed. If you're looking to alter the setup of your house, it can be a great option. However, since load bearing walls help carry the weight of the house, creating an opening or removing such walls should only be done by professionals or by people who truly know what they are doing.  They know the proper work techniques and will find the best solutions according to the house's layout.

How much does it cost to create an opening in a load bearing wall?

First of all, know that if you are a co-owner and not a full owner of the building where you will be completing the renovation project, you will need a prior authorization. Also make sure to contact your municipality to learn about any permits and moralities concerning this type of renovation. If you wish to make an opening in a load bearing wall (e.g. for a door), it will cost you between $750 and $1500, without including costs for finishes (paint). Complete removal of a load bearing wall will run you approximately $2000.

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