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2020 Renovation Trends

Last modified: 2022-10-19 | Approximate reading time 4 mins

Cynthia Pigeon

With the new year ahead, major developments are being ushered into the renovation industry.

New trends are emerging and thus creating a fresh perspective on this ever-changing field. But what exactly are the new 2020 renovation trends?

2020 Renovation Trends

Blending Styles for a Unique Look

While the idea of creating a signature style with different aspects and elements creating a sense of consistency has been the hallmark of the kitchen so far, 2020 will be a different story. This year, blending styles will be the focus to create unique and personalized decors.

Looking for the timeless appeal of wood and the warmth it exudes? Here are two contrasting styles that will create a sophisticated and refined look! Are you drawn to blending textures and colours? Why not opt for handcrafted decorative elements with detailed patterns paired with a touch of modernity?

No more overly uniform styles this year; it's time for a little more creativity!

Here are some articles to seek inspiration from: 

The Great Return of Ceramics and Pottery

pots and vases_2020 Renovation Trends

Following the concept of creating warmer decors, which is reflected in the increased use of round shapes and curves, pottery will also be a major player in 2020.

Whether in the form of sandstone, porcelain, or terracotta (which are eco-friendly materials), pottery and handcrafted decorations will serve as a reminder of broader eco-friendly concerns that were emphasized last year. 

As far as ceramic tiles are concerned, the larger ones will take centre stage. These tiles will transcend the narrowness of a space by creating an illusion of vastness. They'll be equally featured on floors, backsplashes and walls. Their patterns will still be discreet and their colours matte and relatively subdued. For this purpose, grays, tans, and browns are favoured. 

Obviously, large-format ceramic tiles have more benefits than just their aesthetic qualities, these eliminate the need for joints and limit the required upkeep and maintenance.

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2020: Natural Beauty at its Best 

plate on dark wooden table_2020 Renovation Trends

Along the same lines as the previously stated idea regarding ceramics, we must highlight the emerging importance of natural materials this year. Aside from ceramic, wood will also be highly prominent. 

Whether it be for the kitchen island, flooring, or for more decorative elements, wood creates an interesting contrast with materials that are sleeker, with smooth surfaces such as stone, concrete, quartz, or even granite. These materials will indeed be a part of the 2020 trends. 

Once again, by bringing blending styles to the forefront to disrupt the idea of a standardized style devoid of contrasts, dark wood will be favoured over light wood, since it naturally adds warmth to any decor.

Here are some articles should you wish to further read about wood:

What About This Year’s Colour?

Again, natural’s in! Mirroring the importance given to natural materials, the featured colours will be those defined as neutral, organic, and earthy.

In addition, while glossy colours were all the hype last year, matte colours will reign in 2020. These will go perfectly with matte black steel, which we’ll discuss further.

This prevalence of earthy colours is seen in accessories, like faucets. Naturally, that’s why champagne-coloured, black, or golden faucets are much more common than they used to be. 

When it comes to narrowing down the colour of the year, according to Pantone, a company specializing in developing and defining shades, 2020's pick is classic blue, an admittedly unassuming, but timeless hue!

Check out this article to learn more about it:

Off with Straight Lines!

clock on blue background_2020 Renovation Trends

There was a time when straight lines and the trendy spirit they created were particularly fashionable. This year, however, curves and serpentine shapes are favoured.

These lines appear in a variety of ways, both in terms of furniture and accessories (lights, vases, mirrors, etc.). This will allow you to break away from the pure aspect of angles and straight lines and opt for welcoming and lively decor. 

Minimalism: Doing More with Less

The minimalist trend that started in 2019 won't lose any of its momentum this year, which isn't much of a surprise given its overwhelming appeal. This trend will translate into a limited number of items, which must be strategically chosen to enhance the overall look of the room.

It goes without saying that this minimalist approach reflects the desire to highlight the natural decor and leave out the superfluous and the overabundant. Simplicity remains timeless, just like creating decor where each element has a specific purpose.

Glass partitions for a bit of extra light

If walls are normally the defining elements of a room, this year will be different. In fact, glass partitions will serve as an interesting alternative to walls, as well as an ingenious way to break with their impenetrable nature.

Glass partitions, which allow light to flow from one room to another offer the possibility of not drastically dividing up space while still providing the privacy one desires. Available in a wide variety of models, these have the advantage of being integrated into a vast number of decors.

Spotlight Is On Matte Black Steel

open faucet_2020 Renovation Trends

Although black steel has often been a part of the furniture in years past, it's now back in a big way. However, a matte version is favoured, which will be used extensively for accessories/hardware. Among these are the edges of a glass-panelled shower, window tiles, and mirror surrounds.

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