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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Fan

Last modified: 2022-07-06 | Approximate reading time 3 mins

Cynthia Pigeon

During summer heat waves, many dream of escaping, somewhere, anywhere North to flee the intolerable heat and humidity. However, this solution is not always tangible, therefore, there are various tools and apparatuses that can help you create a better, more comfortable home.

Fans are the first devices that come to mind, as they help redistribute airflow within a single room. This article will take a look at the different models of fans available on the market—far beyond the ordinary pedestal fan. 

There are numerous ways to keep your home cool, all summer long—all you need to do is choose which option better fits your needs. There are various types and models of fans, air conditioners, and heat pumps available on the market. Make sure to check out our related articles to know more about the various air conditioners and heat pumps available. As for fans, it is a great and cost-effective way to cool your home during the summertime. 

Choosing Your Fan: Various Available Models

When it comes to using a fan, note that fully understanding its purpose is essential to benefiting entirely from its cooling capacities. In other words, your fan will solely swish air from side to side. Therefore, when you are making use of a fan, the ambient temperature which appears on your thermostat should not (or will only slightly) change. However, using a fan will still come in handy to cool you down.

During the winter, certain periods are much colder than others: temperatures dip below -20, however, once the wind and humidity are factored in, it feels more like -37. During the summertime, it is above 30 degrees, but it feels more like 43. All these varying temperatures are a direct result of humidity and direct sunlight. This also applies to your ventilation system. 

A fan will not fully cool the ambient temperature, but it will help reduce the room temperature. Convection, or heat transfer, will allow for the air created by the fan to shift the heat coming off your body by way of evaporation and enable your body to better absorb the cool airflow. 

There are multiple fan models available on the market. The main goal when using a fan is to circulate the air within your surroundings at the widest possible range. By that, pedestal and floor fans are usually more practical for such a need. Since the blades are much longer, it allows for these types of fans to circulate air within a larger circumference. Should you want to cool down any room while also adding a decorative touch to it, there are sleek vertical fan models available in stores. Should this be your goal, this type of fan is well-suited for that purpose. 

There are also “state-of-the-art” models, such as fans with LED screens with remote control, timer, mist-maker, or even with a heater function for the wintertime should you want to kill two birds with one stone. 

Bladeless Fan

bladeless fan_factors to consider when choosing a fan

Photo: Flickr- Your best digs

As previously mentioned, the blade size can have a determining factor in the fan power. Matter of factly, it is mostly true in all cases. However, the new bladeless fan models contradict this very fact. With the use of the new air-multiplier technology, the bladeless fan can be just as aesthetically pleasing as convenient. Although it is much more expensive than the other mentioned models. 

Window Fan

window fan_factors to consider when choosing a fan

Photo source: wikimedia commons- Fletcher

For the inbetweeners, installing a window fan is also a possibility. This type of fan does require a bit more installation time than a regular fan, but the end result is much more powerful. The window fan concept is similar to that of an air conditioning unit as it spits cool air into a room and in return sucks out the warm air. In spite of that, unlike an AC unit, the window fan solely has two functions, which a single function can be used at once. 

Choosing Between a Fan or an Air Conditioner

Now, all that is left to do is to purchase the fan or AC unit of your choice. An AC is not too expensive and is relatively easy to install. On the other hand, a fan is usually way cheaper and does not require any type of installation. Again, it is all a matter of budget and needs.

Here are a few articles to peruse to help guide your thinking process:

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