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How to Renovate Your Kitchen: Affordable Options

Has your kitchen seen better days? has a few tips on how to renovate your kitchen without spending a fortune:

Kitchen decor is often guided by current trends, meaning that it can become dated very quickly. Elements such as the cabinets, counters and floors also undergo heavy traffic and suffer a lot of wear and tear. Being that it is one of the rooms where home occupants spend most of their time, a kitchen should be one of the places to renovate when updating a home.

Painting walls and kitchen cabinets

Obviously one of the most simple and effective solutions is to repaint your kitchen. Note that the varnished and laminate surfaces cannot be repainted directly. You will need to treat them prior to repainting them (sanding, using primer). Surfaces to be painted will need to be cleaned properly before you apply primer and paint. It is very important that you select a product which is suited for kitchens.

The paint has to be waterproof and highly resistant to humidity. Also check to see if you need to apply more than one coat. Painting is one of the cheapest ways to give your kitchen a makeover. It can easily by done by yourself but if you are looking for perfect results, it's best to an experienced painter. Even if you hire a professional to complete the job, you will spend much less money than if you replace the cabinets and floor coverings.

Changing your kitchen counter

Knife marks, stains, chipped spots: even the most durable kitchen counters suffer everyday. Over time, they need a little help so they can keep doing their job properly. In certain cases, a few coats of paint are also an appropriate solution. Certain paints adhere well to tiled surfaces, provided that said surfaces are well prepared beforehand. Concrete counters are very in right now and the trend doesn't seem to be fading

There are two types of polished concrete: poured concrete, which is a very smooth concrete and filler, which is more granular. However you should always choose filler concrete for indoor renovation projects. This type of concrete can be used on most surfaces such as earthenware, stainless steel, plastic, wood or stoneware. No matter your budget, no matter your personal taste, there's a way to renovate your kitchen so it suits your needs. Here are 6 examples of kitchens that are practical, user-friendly and timelessly beautiful:

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